Hallucinogenic hijinx

<contuinued from my previous post, and in line with Onions>
Still heavily under the effects of the virus, Rosette sat cowering in the corner of a store room, completely oblivious to the fact that there was still a neon sign pointing at her location just outside the door, and now that she was thinking of her burglary, it now read:
"Seymour! the one that drank your wine is in here! come and get her!"
Of course now, she was thinking of everyone chasing her...Before she knew it, she was on her feet, and charging down the corridor, with a hallucinogenic copy og everyone onboard the Blue Dwarf chasing her along the length of the ship, she didn't care if anyone she came across was real or not, all she cared about was getting away from everyone.
Eventually, she came to the security offices, and hoped they'd protect her, even though she was a stowaway... She burst in, and closed the door behind her, leaning against it, and breathing heavily.
Then she saw it, through the door to the CCTV rooms, a small man, watching  her on the screen.  She then saw MP, a giant of a man, muscles bulging more than she'd ever seen on anyone.
She turned to leave the offices before seymour saw her, but remembered the horde of the entire crew chasing her, and instead ducked into a cupboard, hoping the pinned form of Massive Phil wouldn't reveal her location to Seymour.
And here, she sat, waiting.  Waiting until the entire crew stopped chasing her, not knowing that it was caused by a virus seeping through the ventilation ducts all over the ship.  She was stuck like this until Keto's ointment could come into contact with her, and the way it looked before, she wasn't too happy about that...

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