Launch off, well not that dear

Who: Alandra and Neo
When: During the epidemic
Where: Medibay and the hallway near Parrotts
Alandra helped out in the medibay as best as she could without being
staired at. She looked around, the crowd seemed to get smaller. She
then looked around.
She walked out the door, her eyesight getting blurry, Alandra
squinted then rubbed her eyes.
She looked over to her right seeing a tall dark figure handing her
somthing, Alandra took it and relized it was a pair of glasses.
She put the glasses on then took a step back, she could see
again. "Thanks whoever you a...." Alandra stopped.
The grim reaper was standing there, he had a belt with glasses
hanging off of it, and his syth was shaped like glasses.
Alandra looked at him and started cracking up.
"When did you start wearing glasses, or let me say passing them out,
so they must call you the Glass Reaper" she joked.
Alandra waved her hand at him then walked off.
She had made her way down towards Parrotts to grab a quick drink
before she was going to rumage threw the Weapons Room to see if she
could come up with somthing quick to help stop the virus.
Alandra stoped she had saw her father infront of her holding a
knife, his mouth foaming.
"Dad are you on somthing" Alandra said while frowning.
She then saw a bat swing behind him, the knife wealding father fell
down. She looked up, it was her real dad holding a base ball bat.
"You never swung like that before" Alandra joked while smiling.
She gave her dad a hug.
Neo smiled, "I havent seen you for the longest time" he said.
Alandra looked up, the big pink rabid bunny had came back, his eyes
burning red.
Alandra rolled her eyes. "Dad watch out, my friend has came back"
she said while pushing her dad to the side. She picked up the
baseball bat and ran after the rabid bunny screaming.
<tag anybody who wants to kill a pink rabid bunny!>

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