Doctor Matt:The chase pt 1:Christopher Colombus

Who:Matt,HG,Casca and Christopher Colombus
Where:Christopher Colombus's ship
When:3rd August 1492
The two ships were plummeting through time.Matt and HG were trakcing
Casca through time when they eventually came out of the vortex upon a
city they landed on the outskirts of it.They exited their ships and
switched on the camoflage.HG thought that Matt looked different.He
was wearing a large coat with a ridiculously long scarf."What are you
doing?"HG asked."Well since we're having a trip through time I
thought I'd dress for the occasion,"Matt replied."Jelly baby?"
HG ignroed him.He saw Casca entered the city.Matt and HG ran after
him.They lost him in a crowd at the port.They saw two men and a woman
on a stage near an enourmous boat.Matt put a translator in his ear so
he could hear what the people were saying."Now christopher Colombus
will embark on his quest to reach the indies."the woman said."This
must be spain."Matt said.As he looked at the ship he saw Casca board
the ship.Colombus boarded it soon after and started to sail away."He
must be trying to stop the discovery of America."Matt cried.HG turned
on his jetpack and flew after the ship.Matt grabbed onto him.They
landed on the back and made their way into the hold.
10 weeks passed and there was still no sign of Casca.Matt was
starving and weak.He was easily captured when a crewman found him and
knocked him out.He awoke strapped to a chair.Suddenly a hand struck
him across the face."What are you doing here,"a large man
growled."are you here to foil Colombus's plans."
Matt shook his head wierily."No,"he said."But me and me friend are
here to stop someone who is here to do that."
The crewman didnt believe him at first but after about half an hour
of interrogation he finally freed him and told Colombus
everything.They got swords,guns and pikes to go and find Casca."Hang
on wheres my friend."Matt asked."Ah yes the metal man."one of the men
said.He led Matt to a room where HG was chained up and
deactivated.Matt unchained him and swtiched him on.He told HG about
he plan and they were all set.It was a stormy night and rain was
bucketing down on the ship.There were a few men on the deck sailing
the ship but the rest were in the hold.They had sealed all exits and
were closing in on Casca.They heard barrels being knocked over.Two
laser blasts burst out from a pile of boxes and killed two men.Casca
sommersaulted out and ran to the nearest exit hatch.Matt,HG and the
crewmen fired at him while running after him.Casca shot the locks on
the doors and burst through them.Matt,HG and colombus jumped through
the hatch first then the wind slammed the doors shut and they wouldnt
budge.Matt dived for Casca but he kicked him away.He smacked his head
on a mast.HG rocketed towards him next but Casca shot his jetpack and
he flew out of control then into a wall.Colombus shot the gun out of
Casca's hand.Colombus drew his sword.Casca picked up a nearby
sword.He charged towards Colombus.Their swords clashed together.They
moved towards the edge of the boat.Casca raised his sword above his
head and swung it at Colombus.He caught his hand and crushed it.Casca
dropped the sword and fell to the ground.A bolt of lightning lit up
the sky and Colombus saw Casca's face and noticed it was reptilian.He
stepped back in shock.Casca saw his chance and kicked Colombus off
the boat.Matt regained conciousness and saw this."No!"he cried.He
grabbed his gun and shot casca in the chest."I may be wounded
Lister,"Casca shouted."But I still did what I came here to do.He shot
the wheel and the man steering the ship then pressed a button on his
watch.He waved to Matt then dissapeared ina blue light.Matt got up
and let the men out of the hold."The wheels gone."Matt told them.Then
an idea formed in his head.He got HG out of the wall and used him as
a steering wheel.After a few hours they reached land.Matt decided to
name it what Colombus would have."What will you do now?"one of the
men asked."I have to chase that man again,"Matt replied."but I will
stop Colombus's death,I promise."
"Is there anything that we can do for you?"the man asked."You couldnt
give me a lift could you?"Matt asked.
After about ten weeks Matt and HG were back in their ships and had
found Casca's location.World war 2.
Next Time:The chase pt 2:Battle of France

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