Seymour + Rosette "Inside a cupboard"

<OOC this is a JP between me and Rose!>
She turned to leave the offices before Seymour saw her, but remembered
the horde of the entire crew chasing her, and instead ducked into a
cupboard, hoping the pinned form of Massive Phil wouldn't reveal her
location to Seymour.
And here, she sat, waiting. Waiting until the entire crew stopped
chasing her, not knowing that it was caused by a virus seeping through
the ventilation ducts all over the ship. She was stuck like this
until Keto's ointment could come into contact with her, and the way it
looked before, she wasn't too happy about that...
<end snip>
Who: Seymour Niples and Rosette LaChance
Where: near the security offices
When: After Rosette's post
Seymour ran away from the security offices as fast as he could with a
sprout chasing him calling "Why can't we just be friends?!"
Seymour circled a corner and stood panting. He wasn't so good at
running, in fact he was generally unfit with all the ponsy food and
fine wine that he consumed.
Luckily he seemed to have lost the sprout for now. Not that it was
threatening in any way, but Seymour just didn't want to be seen with
anyone (sprout or otherwise) that wore burberry.
Then he saw something that caught his eye. In fact it not only caught
his eye, but it grabbed his eye, pulled his eyelids and whacked his
head against the wall.
"Ouch!" Seymour said rubbing his head.
In front of him was a cupboard with a large sign hovering above it
saying "Seymour! the one that drank your wine is in here! come and get
The cupboard had actually sprouted arms and legs, and was beckoning
him closer.
Gingerly, Seymour walked forward and opened the cupboard door to look
inside. With all the weirdness going on, he half expected the cupboard
door to open up into Narnia, but all he was was Rosette sat inside
looking very forlorn.
She looked up at him, well, about equal height with him, because he
was still a midget of his former self... Either way, she pushed
herself back against the wooden sides of the cupboard, not wanting to
be caught.
Unfortunately for them both, it was this time that MP managed to break
free of the giant paperclip around his neck, and began to look for
"You! You're the girl who… who…" was all Seymour managed to say before
he felt the rumbling of the deck-plates. Massive Phil's massive
ham-fist appeared gripping the corner of the corridor behind them, and
then a few seconds later the massive bulk of the former midget stomped
awkwardly into view.
Seymour managed a small but dignified squeak (as he was still a midget
himself) and jumped into the cupboard to join Rosette. He slammed the
door shut and there was an awkward moment as him and the stowaway he
was searching for stared at each other in the small cupboard.
He wanted to say something dignified, and hopefully something to
embarrass the woman who had stolen from him but all he could think to
say was:
"I'm… normally taller than this." He said.
Rosette couldn't help herself, she stared at the midget Seymour, and
laughed. This laughing then became crying quite soon. "I..." she
began, "... was just trying to survive.." she added, knowing she'd
been caught.
"I got trapped on board a while ago, whenever the ship was last at
Earth... " she managed, wiping the tears away.
"Don't throw me in prison, I'll do anything..." she added, hoping she
wouldn't get stuck on board even longer. "I just want to go home..."
But Seymour wasn't listening. He had been after Rosette for so long
that he had a speech already planned in his head.
"Excuses excuses! You know what damage you've done? You opened a
bottle of 21st century that king Louis XII of Alpha Proxima presented
to me, and just wasted it…. All spilled on the floor. And you sat here
now trying to use your feminine tricks on me… I'm not going to fall
for the crying game!"
There was a pause, and Seymour blinked. And then it sunk in. She
really was crying.
"Oh…" he said. There was another awkward pause.
Then the cupboard started to shake.
"I think that large Midget has found us!" Said Seymour.
And then the back of the cupboard fell through and they felt cold snow
blowing into their eyes.
"By jove!" Said Seymour. "There IS Narnia in here afterall!"
Rosette wished she'd stolen some warmer clothes, unlike the narnia of
the books, there were no fur coats hung up for them, or any kind of
warmth whatsoever.
"I'm sorry about the wine... if I ever see some, I'll replace it..."
she said, now more concerned about how to stay alive in this almost
frozen wasteland.
"Whats going to happen to me?" she asked...
Seymour thought for a moment. "If I'm terribly lucky then hopefully I
can abandon you here!" He said. Rosette couldn't tell if he was joking
or not, but she was sure he wasn't exactly saying the right kind of
things to help comfort her.
The cold was crippling. They seemed to be in a dark forest, the snow
made it even harder to see.
They walked a few meters but the wind blew Seymour to his feet. He
looked up and Rosette was wearing a wooly scarf and hat and looking
suddenly warmer.
"Where did you get that suddenly?"
"I robbed it from some fawn." She said. "A little guy with some kind
of animal's legs. I got you a warm scarf too."
"But… but…" shivered Seymour. "I can't wear that."
"Its …. B-b-b-burberry!"
"It's either this, or you freeze to death." Rosette said, her own
burberry scarf flapping gently in the breeze. She dropped it on the
floor, and left it for him.
"It's your choice..." she said, "now I'm going to look for a way out
of here." she added, turning back they way they had come in, and
searched the line of trees for anything that might help
Seymour sat curled over on the frozen forest floor for a few minutes
before grumbling, then reached for the scarf and put it on.
He stood up and ran after Rosette. "Alright, I'm fine as long as I
don't get seen by anybody I know!"
Suddenly there was laughter. It was a deep booming laughter and the
entire forest shook. There were faces, 10 meter tall faces looking
down at him from the sky. All pointing and laughing. They were faces
of Ambassadors, Diplomats and Generals, all of the top nosh people who
Seymour had spent his entire life trying to impress.
He had now grown back to normal size, bit felt smaller than ever. In
an act of defiance he took the scarf off and threw it to the floor.
"Being laughed at and walking through the forest with a criminal… This
day couldn't get any worse!" He said.
"Whats wrong with you?" Rosette shouted, "have you got something
against anyone that's not you?" she asked, walking straight towards him.
"its not as if i wanted to be a 'criminal', I was forced to! Your
stupid security stopped me from being able to leave the ship!" she
yelled, "I'm sorry I stole your wine, but for what its worth, it was
nice. That one I dropped tasted awful." she continued.
"I just want to get out of here, and go home!" she shouted, "You can
either wear that scarf, or freeze to death, I don't have anything
else... If you want better, just do what everyone else is doing and
imagine it up!" she yelled, imagining a roaring fire, hot bath, and
relaxing music...
Unfortunately, what actually happened was the ground began to flow
with lava, the trees caught fire, and a star trek style 'fight to the
death' musical number blared through the forest at them.
"Not quite what I had in mind..." she said.
<OOC - To be continued! This has been a JP by Onion and Rose >

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