Jed + Eddie "Sloppy second chances" pt2

Who: Jed Calvert and Eddie Monsoon
Where: Some filthy saloon at the far end of the Promenade
When: Just after last post
Jed stared at Eddie across a poker table stained with several types of
liquor, and several types of bodily fluid.
"So what's the deal mate?" asked Eddie. "Got another job?"
Jed raised an eyebrow. "We doesn't offen git second chances in life
pardner." He said and then paused, only to wait until Eddie was about
to speak and spoke again.
"Thar's an interstellar express train thet transports things from
Earth t'Alfy Centauri ev'ry 4 months." Jed explained. "A big bastard
convoy of freighters that're fully computerised."
Eddie rolled his eyes. "The Pluto Express. Yeah yeah mate, everyone's
heard of it. Why are you telling me this? The train doesn't ever
transport anything worth stealing so most people ignore it."
Jed pointed a finger. "Yeah, but ah got a contact who got me this hyar
Jed slid a photo across a desk. It showed someone loading a glass box
onto the space train. Eddie recognised what was in the glass box.
"Is thatÂ…"
"The hyar Idol of Chantico!" Jed said, almost leaping across the
table. "We could be rich!"
Eddie's mind went back to years ago when they had almost stolen the
expensive idol. Jed had spent a long time in prison for getting caught.
Jed caught his eye. "But eff'n yo' git me sent t'prison again I'll
come an' ride yer hide out of an airlock!"
Eddie nodded. "Yeah that sounds fair enough!"
Jed rang the flight-deck to prepare a Starbug and within an hour they
were hurtling towards the Pluto express, which was just leaving the
solar system on its long voyage, the onboard computer unaware that it
was about to get seriously raped by a drunk cowboy and ex-priest.
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