*Actionette* - "Cured"

The JMC Blue Dwarf sat in orbit around Mars, looking like a fat
complacent pot-bellied pig. Quite literally, the hallucination virus
had even made the exterior of the `Dwarf change shape. Inside, things
were chaotic. People were dreaming up all sorts of bizarre things that
were coming to life. But that was all about to change, as Dr Keto had
just brewed up a large vat of ointment…
Who: Dr Keto and Efof
Where: Medibay
When: After a thing from `Half Life' mated with Efof's head
Like everyone else, Efof had heard the call from Dr Keto to report to
his medi-lab and queued up outside. Keto had apparently brewed up a
cure to the hallucination virus, but now had the tedious task of
giving it to everyone in injection form.
As his last name started with a `Y', Efof was almost the last person
to receive the cure. As he stood in line for about an hour, Efof had
noticed the amount of hallucinations gradually decreasing. He was no
longer being attacked by hairy CD's or the strange things from some
computer game he'd never played but Mk9 seemed to be raving about.
He was called into the Medibay and Dr Keto stood looking ominous with
a large needle.
"Don't worry, this won't hurt at all." Said Dr Keto. "Although it did
make Jay scream like a girl, but I promise I won't jiggle it around
when it's inside you quite as much."
Efof bit his lip, but as he is generally trusting and naïve, he sat
down and let Dr Keto get on with it.
"Oh Doc, I think I might need to see a psychiatrist… some weird alien
tried to have sex with me today."
"Efof you ARE a weird alien." Said Keto. "It should be a perfect match."
Efof readily nodded. "Maybe so…" he said, preferring to end the
subject there.
Before he could be injected however, a large monster crashed its way
through the door. It was tall and vaguely crab-shaped, like the thing
that had attacked Efof earlier, but had four extra arms and a penis on
its head.
"WHAT THE HEL IS THAT?!!" said Keto.
"Oh, it must be my newborn baby… I'm a Daddy!… Isn't he sweet?"
"Your `baby'… or as I would rather call it… `a monster', is eating my
staff!" said Keto, and blood from his newest intern splattered up the
wall. It then nudged her disembodied head towards them.
"Aww isn't he sweet, he likes to play!" Efof said gladly. "Here boy…
goood boyyyy."
Without wasting any more time, keto stuck the needle in Efof's arm and
injected the cure. The Ffionian headcrab monster faded out of
existence and Keto sighed with relief.
"Oh well, easy come, easy go." Said Efof chirpily and walked out of
the medibay.
An hour later, Dr Keto relaxed in his office after a hard day's work.
Everyone onboard the Blue Dwarf had been cured.
Meanwhile, in a Starbug and not aboard the Blue Dwarf, Captain Jed put
a long dried turd into his mouth and wondered why it wouldn't light.
<OOC - Sorry guys but the virus is now cured! If you still have
hallucination ideas that you want to play out, perhaps a small amount
of the virus still lingers in some areas... but I want it to be
generally got rid of soon because Andy's action is about to start!>

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