Seymour & Rose (Two Sides of a Rose)

who: i hope you can figure that one out
Where: Seymours apartment
When: Just after Onion's last post
(ooc: i like this idea, carry on!)
"I know you don't want me here," Rosette started, looking up at
Seymour, "but i don't have anywhere else to go..." she said, putting
on the classic puppy eyes that always seems to make guys melt.
"AND you wasted most of my wine!" Seymour yelled, not planning on
forgetting that any time soon. He stared down at her, the puppy eyes
barely working, most likely because he was a poof.
Rosette stopped the face, and took her feet off of the sofa, leaving
enough space for her to grab seymours arm, and virtually pull him
over her. "You'll never be able to read that book with this noise
going on" she said, talking about the TV she was watching, but
Seymour forgot about that as the sound of a laser ricochet blasted
through his room.
"You're right..." he said, making himself comfortable. "Anyway...
what job..." he started, turning to face her, but stopped in mid
sentence, as it appeared that she'd fallen asleep. "never mind.." he
said, forgetting his anger at her for a moment, and just turned the
TV off, so he could continue to listen to Bach.
Rosette smiled in her sleep, though most would say luckily for her,
she'd never remember the dream she was dreaming, (the squeemish
should stop reading now) a dream of seymour.
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