"My brain is feeling funny..."

Who: Kevn Fenard
where: His quarters
when: after stealing some trinkets
(Where's my mind?) Kevn pondered on the question as if it were a
confusing, but simple question that your supposed to get in five
seconds, but for some reason its taking you an hour. He was
tinkering with some things that he had stolen from a bin. He didn't
know what the hell he was doing. After screwing in some screws he
lokked at what he had just created... It was a pile of junk...
Nothing about it made any sense... but when he flipped a switch that
he found on the back the thing sprang to life, and began to destroy
everything in his sleeping quarters. It bounced about the room,
smashing frames, shattering empty wine bottles, and leaving dents in
the walls that didn't have anything breakable in the room. After a
few minutes of standing there in complete awe at the destruction
that he had just caused, Kevn tried to snatch the thing out of the
air. It reacted to his attempt by slamming into his head. Kevn fell
back and landed on his back. The thing hummed in the air, finally
coming to a stop just above the table in the middle of the room. It
scanned the room and found the door. It shot out of the sleeping
quarters. Kevn sighed and rubbed the lump on his head, "the next
time I'm doing something I don't know that I'm doing... I'm going to
stick my tongue in a socket..."
He stood up and called Holly, "Hol, tell everyone to watch their
heads... There might be a large hunk of floating junk flying in the
vecinity of their forheads..."

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