Seymour + Rosette "An annoying compromise"

Who: Ambassador Seymour Niples
Where: His Ambassadorial apartment
When: Just before the wormhole-jump
Seymour sat in an expensive looking antique mahogany chair and turned
the page of the novel he was reading. It was a dusty old printed
version of `War and Peace' that he had always kept on his bookshelf to
give the impression that he was well read. Today was a generally quiet
day so he had actually decided to start reading it, purely so that he
could boast to the next person he saw that he was reading it.
The melodic sounds of Bach were coming from an ancient gramophone on a
nearby desk. Seymour liked to listen to it while he read, but most of
all he liked it putting it on to reinforce to people passing outside
his apartment would think he was upper class.
A flash from outside his large window caught his eye. The Blue Dwarf
had just wormhole-jumped and the stars appeared different. He grumbled
at the momentary distraction and went back to reading his book.
Then another flash caught his eye from the window, it was a laser
blast. He grumbled again and looked back at his book, only to find he
had lost his place.
Another flash caught his eye, then an explosion, and then a series of
Space Eagles flew straight past his window. Seymour now realised he
had read the same line several times and slammed the book shut in
"Can't I get any peace around here! I'm trying to read a book!" he
shouted through the window, not that anyone could hear him. He stomped
over to the window and closed the blinds.
He sat down to read again, until something else distracted him. A door
opened and Rosette walked through his living room area with a
toothbrush in her mouth and wearing his spare silk pyjamas. She
yawned, sat down and turned on his TV.
Seymour clenched his fists together in frustration. This caused the
large bruise on his backside start to throb and he thought back to his
hallucination with Rosette a few days ago.
Who: Seymour and Rosette
Where: A hallucination
When: While they were still hallucinating
"You can
either wear that scarf, or freeze to death, I don't have anything
else... If you want better, just do what everyone else is doing and
imagine it up!" she yelled, imagining a roaring fire, hot bath, and
relaxing music...
Unfortunately, what actually happened was the ground began to flow
with lava, the trees caught fire, and a star trek style 'fight to the
death' musical number blared through the forest at them.
"Not quite what I had in mind..." she said.
<end snip>
Seymour suddenly realised he had a strange staff weapon in his hand.
One end was a blade and the other was a hefty weight.
"This is preposterous!" he complained. "Who's hallucination is this?"
Rosette shrugged, but kept hold of her weapon. "Actually this could be
a good idea."
Seymour raised an eyebrow but wasn't generally interested in what she
had to say.
"I need a place to live. I need food and I just generally need
somewhere I can stay for a while until I get on my feet."
Seymour didn't like where this was going.
"And you've got a really large apartment, with plenty of spare rooms,
you could let me live with you." Rosette continued.
Seymour shook his head. "Absolutely no chance."
"Aww come one, I'll fight you for it?" she said.
"Absolutely no way, that's an absurd notion!" Seymour scoffed. "There
is no chance in hell I'm letting you stay in my apartment!"
Rosette grinned cheekily. "Worried you'll get your ass whooped by a girl?"
"No…" Seymour said. "NO! of course not."
"Good, then lets fight for it."
"No!" Said Seymour. But it was too late, Rosette was advancing on him
swinging the staff around her head like an expert. Seymour quickly
picked his own weapon up and held it up in defence as she almost took
his head off.
"Steady on my dear girl!" Seymour said.
He blocked another of her attacks. She was nimble, and agile and the
advantage of youth was on her side. Seymour blocked a few of the
lunges but she knocked him to the floor and the staff fell out of his
hands. He crouched on all fours trying to reach for his staff when she
whacked him right in the backside. Seymour fell with an "oof" to the
Rosette stood over him looking confident. "So I guess I'm moving in then?"
Seymour grumbled and made a big deal about having to get up off the
cold floor. "This proves nothing!" he said.
"If you say so." Said Rosette and she grabbed his keyfob from his
pocket and as the hallucination faded around them Seymour watched her
skipping down the corridor to his apartment.
Who: Seymour and Rosette
Where: Seymour's Apartment
When: Now
Seymour stomped over to Rosette, who was sprawled on the sofa.
Everything about this moment annoyed him. The fact that she was
wearing HIS pyjamas, sat in HIS sofa, using HIS Tv, and especially
that she had turned the volume up really loud to try and drown out the
melodic sounds of HIS Bach record.
"Tell me again how long you're staying here?" he asked her though
clenched teeth.
She looked up at him with an honest expression. "Just as long as it
takes to get myself on my feet, and probably get a job."
Seymour inhaled deeply and walked off, clenching his fists tightly.
<OOC – Tag Rose! I know we haven't talked about this possibility but
think it could be funny for Seymour and Rosette to annoy each other
for a while!>

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