*Action* To the rescue!

The small ship manouvered gracefully between the two enemy battleships,
unleashing a salvo of missles into the engine housing of a third, larger
The dreadnought's engine's ignited in a blaze of burning plasma exhaust
before the formidable craft exploded, into a white hot fireball.
The small fighter looped and came back toward the battleships, rolling,
flipping and diving to avoid weapons fire. It flew beneath the first ship,
right under it's least-armoured point and unloaded a torpedo straight into
it's hull, the fighter fled as the torpedo embedded itself deep in the
battleships reactor core and detonated. The larege ship disintegrated.
The fighter now turned on the last battleship and locked weapons, as the
battleship's hangar bay door's opened and dozens of smaller fighter craft
emerged to engage the attacking ship and opened fire.
The pilot of the fighter cursed as one of the newcomers got a lucky hit,
disabling the attackers weapons and main propulsion. The pilot transmitted a
message, through the cockpit glass they could see the fighters closing in
for the kill......
Who:- Jay, Amber, general redshirts
Where:- Drive Room
Jay was bored.
He always got bored during his command shifts. It was tedious, just sitting
there waiting for something to happen for 8 hours, occasionally asking for a
status report, or ordering the helmsman to pull into the Drive-thru for a
big mac.
Jay sighed, shifted his weight in the Captains chair an dtook out his phone
to check for text's for the 18th time in the last 20 minutes.
"Status?" he muttered, not really caring who answered him.
An officer on the op's console relayed back what was on his screen,
"Everything normal..."
"You sure...?"
"Well...normal for the 'Dwarf sir"
Amber piped up from the helm "Holding course, and speed sir..." she advised
"But there's a Little Chef a few light-years from here if anyone fancies a
"Ugh no...last time I went to a Little Chef I contracted a life threatening
bowel disorder" Jay said, with a hint of emotion in his voice, as though
finding it difficult to recount "I was on the toilet for a month..." he
Amber, and the rest of the Drive Room crew looked at Jay in disgust.
"Seriously!" he continued "I lost 6 stone in weight! It could have...."
Jay was interuppted by a beeping from the communications console.
"Report" Jay ordered the crewman.
"Distress signal sir"
"Let's hear it.."
The speakers crackled into life, and a woman's voice was heard. "Please,
anyone help me! I'm an unarmed vessell under attack from marauders! I don't
know how long I can...."
"Amber, time to intercept?"
"15 minutes under normal engines..."
"Then power up the wormhole drive"
"Are you serious? For a local jump, into a populated area? Thats madness!"
"If you don't think you can do it I'll take the helm..."
"Oh you know I love challenge..." Amber replied, tapping in the coordinates
and energising the wormhole.
"Good, Mk9 I need your guys on the turrets...Amber as soon as we emerge get
down to the hangar bay and scramble a squadron"
The Blue Dwarf emerged from the wormhole drive, and positioned itself
between the smaller, vulnerable craft and it's attackers, and opened fire. A
fleet of Space Eagle's thundered from within the 'Dwarf and rushed to the
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