Different Views & remembering...

Who: Alandra
When: after she got the cure
Where: Promanade, Xpress elevator, and her quarters
Alandra walked down the hall. She had decided to skip her trip to
Parrotts. Getting sick on beer didnt sound like a good idea to her
at the time.
She had rubbed her eyes from growing tired. Just coming back and
having a rampaging virus go around was tiring, but Alandra didnt
She looked up, she thought she saw Peter walk by. She whipped around
but he wasent there. Alandra frowned.
"Hmmm" she said, shrugging.
Alandra went down to the promanade and after walking around for a
couple of hours she was satisfied.
Updated cloths that were colorful. She hated wearing black all the
time, it reminded her what she was formerly like.
Also numorous candles. Alandra carried the bags and walked to the
nearest xpress elevator.
"Holly can you take me to room 413 level P?" she asked
"Why sure Alandra" Holly replied. Alandra smiled then waited as the
elevator went on its way.
The doors had opened. "Thanks Holly" Alandra chuckled as she walked
out the into the hallway.
She found her quarters then opened up the door then locked it behind
her. She dropped the bag of candles on the floor, she made her way
over to the closet and put the cloths up on it.
Alandra yawned. She picked up the candles then put them in verious
She had gotten a small glass of wine and lighted some of the
candles. They were surounding a picture frame of a picture of
Alandra and Peter laughing togeather, almost a year ago.
She turned off the lights then sat down on the couch looking at the
picture. She smiled then took a drink of the wine, her nerves as
calm as ever..
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