A swift kick in the balls.

"Hey, Mk9!" Barf called out.
"Yes!" Mk9 said, looking like he was in the middle of a prayer.
"Is my ship in your docks?"
<end snip>
Mk.9 got up from what, although looking like a prayer, was him
attempting to sign a deal with any devil that would take him, and ran
over to the window just in time to see the hangar get cleanly sliced
out of the ship.
"I hope for your sake it wasn't. Everybody, to the escape pods...and
try to bring some of the jell-"
"Captain!" Rika yelled, cutting in.
"Aww, ok, just everyone get to the pods."
Everyone hurriedly ran out to the midsection of the ship, where all
the escape pods were berthed. On the way out, Efof made a point to
grab a spoon before hurrying off to catch Fferna.
"Ok, well, we seem to be on a direct collision course for the business
end of the cannon. Time to get scarce in a hurry!" said Mk.9, who
sprinted off to find an escape pod.
small white bursts of gas appeared all over the central hull of the
Ffionian ship, as the escape pods launched. They all formed up in a
small cluster, and turned to face the cannon.
It fired a white hot beam straight through the middle of the ship,
from top to bottom. It creaked and the two halves drifted apart,
floating past on either side of the cannon.
"God DAMNIT!" screamed Mk.9, until he measured the trajectory.
At the opposite end of the cannon, were two large ammunition storage
containers attached to it.
The 2 halves of the Ffionian ship each plowed into their corresponding
side container, and the whole structure detonated.
Mk.9, Efof, and Barf all winced.
"What's wrong?" Fferna asked Efof
"Uh...it's a guy thing. Don't ask."
OOC: Ya see what I did there?!
<tag, we are now all two to a pod, and en route to the moon with the
power generator>

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