Falling Into Something

Who: Barf Chucksome
Where: Escape Pod
When: After going into the escape pod.
As Barf was sitting in the escape pod, the thought had crossed his mind that
there might
be no planet to land upon. It's times like these he wishes he would pay more
attention to
his surroundings. He also hoped that the others were okay. After a while, he
being worried about dying and became more worried about being bored. It was at
point his rist band lighted up. "Hello Barf." It was Dent, his ship. Often
times, it didn't
talk, but it was smart enough to know that it could talk. Plus, Barf didn't
like talking to a
computer unless he was bored and in need of conversation. Dent was a weird
and could be quite a pain to talk to. "Are you in need of assistance?" Dent
"That would be helpful," Barf said. "I'm just floating in this escape pod."
"Correction, Barf: You are floating towards a sun, in an escape pod," Dent
"You know," Barf started, "you could spend less time telling me what's wrong, or
you could
just save my ass now. And what are you doing not in the docks of Blue Dwarf?"
"I got bored," answered Dent. "Someone must have wanted you to go towards the
instead of going onto the inhabital planet. Strange, you would probably die of
first before you reach the sun . . . My bad, you're pod seems special enough to
go light
speed." Barf then felt a bump. "You're safe now. Feel free to enter your
Once on the ship, Barf asked, "How the hell did you get past that cannon?"
"Very simple, Barf," Dent started. "I simply tampered with it while it was
occupied with
Mk9's ship. Unfortunately, I was unable to disable it in time to save his
"Can you explain why I wasn't able to sense that cannon in the first place,"
Barf asked.
"The technology seems to be able to anticipate such abilities of detection,
which is quite
"Is anyone else in danger of not making it to a planet?" Barf asked Dent.
"No," answered Dent. "All other crew members will land safely on the planet.
If you'd like
to go there, I'll turn autopilot off and allow you to make that decision."
"How about you go ahead and bring us down there," Barf said. "Something tells
me that
the planet isn't as safe as it seems. I'd rather have you on full alert."
"As you wish," Dent said. "Brace yourself as we enter the planet's atmosphere.
Oh, and
would you like me to send a signal to the pods about coordinates?"
"Are they all landing within the same range?"
"Then go ahead and send the signal for the Mk9 and Rika," Barf said. "I'd like
to talk to
them first before anything."
As Dent was going towards the planet, Barf was wondering just what may be on the
What weird things might happen now?

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