Mooning Chrysler

Who: Keto, Wildflower, Vanessa, Katrina and Batmen
Where: Keto's Ship
When: As they approach the forcefield-generating moon
"So if we sent a team to the moon we could plant some explosives and
blow up the power station?"
The clown shrugged. "In theory yes, but I really don't want to go. I
have moonaphobia." Every other Ffionian on the Bridge piped up at that
point with an excuse.
Jay sighed and contacted Keto's ship.
"Get a team together and meet me on the moon. We've got to blow up
that power station."
Keto clicked the comms off with a quiet groan.
"You heard the cretin," he said, turning around to face the rest of
the bridge crew - which, at the moment, consisted of Wildflower,
Vanessa, Katrina and several Batman-clad Ffionians, "You lot need to
go blow up some things on that moon with Chrysler. Wrap up warm. Bye."
"Not so fast, Charlie," said Wildflower, waving one finger
admonishingly, "You have to come too. Jay said that you had to meet
him on the moon WITH the team. Which includes us!"
She said the last sentence with a bright, cheery optimism shining
through her voice. It fell flat in front of Keto's gaze.
"Come on, hurry up and get ready!" continued Wildflower, seemingly
oblivious to the stare of death boring into the side of her head,
"Everybody who's coming, get in one of the shuttles. I think we can
probably fit about a dozen people, so that's us four and eight others."
"Dear God," muttered Keto, "It can count."
"Oh shush," said Wildflower firmly as the others began to head down to
the shuttles, the ship now set on autopilot (with several Batmen to
oversee it), "Let's go round up eight others to join us. You never
know how handy a Batman costume will be on an alien moon!"
The fake smile of the Joker plastered on Keto's face did an admirable
job of trying to cover up his snarl. Wildflower ignored it, tugging
on Keto's sleeve as his feet grudgingly began to move in the direction
of the door.
"That's the spirit, keep on smiling!" she said.
"Pray that I don't 'accidentally' leave you on that accursed moon,"
growled Keto as the door hissed shut behind them.
OOC: Okay, the team from Keto's craft are on their way. Anybody else
who hasn't been written in anywhere yet and decides that they want to
be on the medical ship, you can join them in the shuttle heading to
the moon if you like!

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