OOC - New Member "Alan Danvers"

OOC - Hello everyone, we've had a fair amount of interest in BD lately
and a lot of people wanting to join. I've had to weed out all the
rubbish applications though and be quite critical about who we let in.
And I thought this profile was worthy. Alan Danvers a Stellar
Cartography Officer who has plenty of experience so might cause a bit
of a stir by being a bit of a know-it-all!
I imagine him to be posted on the Drive-Room most of the time but
sounds like he can apply himself to a lot of things onboard.
Alan, you might want to start by meeting the team on the moon, we're
currently trying to destroy an enemy power station. Read up first and
post when you're ready. If you've got any problems or questions, don't
hesitate to email me :-)
Character Name: Alan Danvers
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Nationality: Neptunian
Department: navigation
Job Title: Stellar Cartography Officer
Player/NPC? active
Physical Appearance
Danvers is of medium build and height, (five foot eleven), with light
brown hair and permanent two day old stubble.
Due to a ship attack in his previous posting (The N(eptunian) F(leet)
Sanctuary) he is missing his left eye and instead has had the orbit
sewn closed.
He wears mostly relaxed clothing - usually T shirts and warm tracksuit
Personality and Interests
Danvers is fairly genial and always welcoming to conversation. He is
wholly dedicated to his job and likes to relax immersed in star charts.
He is dependable in combat but not particularly accurate due to his
lack of depth perception.
He also loves cooking and has fancied himself an actor occasionally.
Danvers grew up on the gas world of Neptune in an average family. From
a young age he took an interest in the stars and where they could lead
his future. At age seven he first started to plot courses for a make
believe spaceship using the resources at the local information
buildings to assist in his imagination.
He began absorbing all details about the surrounding stars, and
galaxies until he reached 18 where he applied to work in the Neptunian
Fleet. His first position and most recent position was a junior
cartographer aboard the NF Sanctuary, an exploratory vessel dealing
with the fringes of know space - where his valuable knowledge and love
for plotting courses saw him quickly rise to the head of Stellar
He retained this position until last year where the Sanctuary was
attacked by a rogue vessel. During the incident Danvers was by the
comms console which exploded, the debris hitting his eye and ripping
it from the socket. The medic patched him up as best as they could,
but due to Danver's hindered vision he was let go - despite still
being fully abled in his job.
He browsed applications for a new Cartography job until coming across
the JMC Blue Dwarf who seemed to have much lower standards than the
rest of the solar systems fleets.
Favourite Sayings
"I can map a course all across the universe and still get you back in
time for tea."
"Space is much bigger than you realise."
"So many stars, so much to see."

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