Where : The Planet
Who : All three Phil's and others
When : After landing with the Shuttles
Time passed after the landings had started. Phil (that is our Phil,
not the
evil one and certainly NOT the vertically challenged one) was
pondering over
a map.
Gauling over the fact that technically, Chris Harris had given him orders
regarding the plant.
** Insert flashback/wibbly effect here **
"Look Phil's these are your order, this is what we planned remember"
I'm several million years old you gimp.. I KNOW what I'm doing..."
"Sure, so why are you in your Shorts and T-shirt."
"Hot weather.."
"Phil, I could have you arrested for refusing a direct order from the
captain, via me, although I know you are the ship's *giggle* number
"And I put it to you that I could let the rumour loose that you keep
farmyard porn in your underwear drawer to MP.."
"But… I... you wouldn't dare... no no you would... Just... look I'll
get you
a Industrial size Kebab form Abduls dodgy kebab emporium when it all over
all right..."
"With extra chilli sauce?"
"Only if I can wear the hazmat suit… I've seen the effect it has on your
** Flash back ends here **
MP meanwhile, having spotted/imagined something in the distance, went off.
"You know, you've still not told me what you did whilst you were gone…
DID the Archivers show you…?"
"Nasty things… things that made my skin crawl…that replaced the whale
in my
"Ahhh…Pics of Nipples in a Body thong then?" joked EP.
There was a quiet pause as those around had the mental image of
Seymour in a
body Thong…Someone threw up.
The small party walked over towards the edge of a small hill.. EP,
something in the distance that was blocking their way to the power plant,
looked through his binoculars
"I do have one question, o great leader....", replied EP gesturing.
"Yes what now oh flatulent one?"
"What in the name of the midgets arse is THAT!" he said pointing at
something that can best be described as the result of a love child OF
Clthulu, MP, several goats and something you might find down the back
of the
sofa 3 months after loosing a tuna fish sandwich down there, and was busy
waving MP around in one tentacle.
<<tag anyone else in Phil's party>>
OOC : Don't kill the beast yet..it's not your normal creature......

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