Doctor Matt pt 3:Battle of the bulge pt 2:Coming of the Cascarons

Who:Matt,HG,William Lister and Field Marshall Marshall
When:During the battle of the bulge
Where:Where the battle of the bulge was fought
"I'd like a word with you."the captain said."I am captain William
Lister state your name and rank."
" em em em em em...Matt...uh...Retsil!"he
said quickly.He saluted the captain."State your rank."said the
captain."Captain Matt Retsil of the Rededededed...Giant squadron
sar!"Matt managed to blurt out."What were you doing out there?"William
asked sternly."I was gathering information about Hitlers new plan,"Matt
replied."I must tell someone in charge."William paused."I'll take you
to Field Marshall Marshall,"William told him."where's your friend?"he
asked.HG was looking out of his cockpit."Oh my friend has OTHER
so that HG could hear.He scrambled to the pilot seat and flew away.
William took Matt to Field Marshall Marshall and he explained what he
had overheard."Hmmm,so Hitler is going to use a device to grant his
troops power greater than our own?"the Field Marshall questioned."Yes
sar super soldiers."Matt explained."Well I..."he was cut off when
something exploded near them.A soldier ran into the room."Jerry's
attacking Sir but they're not like any German soldiers I've ever seen."
"It's the soldiers I told you about sar!"Matt cired."Defend the
trenches!"Marshall ordered.
Matt ran out and grabbed some binoculars from a soldier."I say!"he
shouted."You say what?" Matt mocked him pushed him over.He looked
through the binoculars and saw the Cascaron army."Dont worry I can stop
them."Matt reasurred the soldiers.Matt activated the control that made
the army malfuction but nothing happened.He tried again.Then again and
again and again and again."It's not working,"He said."I cant stop them
prepare yourselves for battle!"
To be concluded...

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