moving on.....

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Who: Alandra and Peter
When: After Alandra saw Peter
Were: Quarters Hallway D
Alandra looked at Peter and shook her head. "I understand we cant be
togeather again but you dont need to bring it up, that was the passed."
Alandra sighed.
"But you let me go, with a telephone call!" he snapped back at her.
Alandra rolled her eyes. "And you know what Peter its time that I
finally moved on, thanks for helping me relize that" she said as
calmley as she could.
Peter had only stood there looking at her.
"It was a dream when I saw you again, but now its clear that its now
only a nightmare" she hissed.
"You let me go!" he said sternley.
Alandra finally lost it, though she was now naturally calm, all the
emotions of losing her kid finally came to her mind and finally out of
"That was the past Peter, I was a homicidal pshyco then, but you know
what, things change, THEY ALWAYS CHANGE, I lost my kid, but you know,
thats not keeping me from moving on, it hurts yes, but Im not the same,
so its time you pick up your bags and leave me alone!!" she screamed.
Peter stood there in shock. Alandra shook her head then walked off to
the express elevator.
"Not what you planned eh Ally?" Holly asked as her face appeared.
"No but Im ready to move on now" she smiled still slightley upset, "Can
you take me to Parrotts please" she asked.
"Sure thing" Holly replied.
The doors soon opened and Alandra walked out, she ran her fingers threw
her blonde hair.
Alandra got a huge pint of beer and thumped down on a seat, after
dreaking for some hours alone she sat there, blindley drunk.
She stood up and stumbled out of the bar. She sat down on a bench then
sat there trying to think things over but her mind was now to foggy to
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