"The monster"

"I do have one question, o great leader....", replied EP gesturing.
"Yes what now oh flatulent one?"
"What in the name of the midgets arse is THAT!" he said pointing at
something that can best be described as the result of a love child OF
Clthulu, MP, several goats and something you might find down the back
of the sofa 3 months after loosing a tuna fish sandwich down there,
and was busy
waving MP around in one tentacle.
<end snip>
Who: Phil, Evil Phil, Mini Phil, Chris Harris, Seymour, Efof and
everyone else on the away mission
Where: The Halkon moon
When: Just after Phil's post
The three Phil's came back to the rest of the group to report what
they had seen. "Some kind of large weird monster has grabbed the
midget." Phil said, beckoning people closer to take a look.
"Fantastic news, can we prey that he gets eaten so we can get off this
godforsaken rock." Said Seymour, pulling his coat tightly around him.
"This place is awfully chilly, and I'm an Ambassador not an action
hero, why am I on an away mission to blow up a power station? Where's
the diplomacy? Negotiation? I never get to do any of that!"
"If it can't be shot, blown up or killed in any nasty way, THEN we'll
try negotiating." Security Chief Harris joked. Then he pointed over to
the weird tentacled monster that was flailing MP around it's slimy
head. "Hey Seymour, why don't you go and negotiate with that!"
Seymour crossed his arms. "Actually I think I'll leave this one to you."
Harris grinned, "Oh I'm sure beneath that rugged, sharp toothed
exterior he's a great conversationalist!". Harris then called Efof
over. "Hey Efof, go over and ask him if he knows the easiest way into
the power station."
Efof was always the one that people picked on the most as he was the
most naïve and very trusting of people. And unfortunately he never
seemed to learn from the experience and got tricked into the same
stupid things over and over again. Now that he had a new girlfriend he
really should have been on his toes for such a prank, but instead he
just said "Okay" and walked over.
"Um…. Excuse me." He said in his politest voice to the monster. "I… we
were wondering if – hyuk!"
He never finished the sentence as the was picked up and hurled back to
the group where he fell on Phil.
Fferna dragged him up to his feet and hugged him. "Oh Efof you're so
brave!" she said, clearly mistaking stupidity for bravery. Efof of
course raised and eyebrow "Why yes, yes I am." He said smugly.
Chris Harris rolled his eyes and turned back to the monster. "It looks
like that thing is the Halkon equivalent of a guard dog. We need to
distract it to get past and into the Power Station. Any ideas?"
<OOC - tag, I'll let someone else get us past the guard-monster>

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