monthta monthta!

Chris Harris rolled his eyes and turned back to the monster. "It looks
like that thing is the Halkon equivalent of a guard dog. We need to
distract it to get past and into the Power Station. Any ideas?"
<end snip>
"Yeah... I've got one!" piped up Rosette, eager to get into some
action. She jumped a bit, holding her hand up, as if to say "pick me!
pick me!"
Harris raised an eyebrow. "okaaaaay..." and let her have the stage.
"Well.. my idea is that we create a diversion, and try to confuse it
enough so we can move around behind it, and shoot it in the back..."
"Brilliant idea!" shouted Fferna, then looked at Efof, "I think Efof
should be the diversion, as he's so brave."
Efof looked away, and suddenly wished he wasn't so brave.
"well..." continued Rosette. "We need to build a giant wooden
Squirrel..." she started, looking up into the sky, in thought. "and
we'll need a Flan... and some cutlery... a spoon maybe" she said,
smiling wickedly.
"Oh.. so you're going to confuse it by offering it high class food?"
Seymour piped up, "thats a waste of a percetly good flan! and the only
spoon i have is this one!" he said, holding up an ornate silver spoon,
with a family crest on the top, which just so happened to be slightly
jagged in design.
"Thats perfect!" shouted rosette, and grabbed the spoon from him.
AShe put her bag on the floor, and pulled a flan out of it, stuffing
the spoon deep into it.
"Right... We leave this out for the monster to see... hopefully, it'll
think it looks better to eat than mini phil... If not, then we get
someone driving the giant wooden squirrel to ram into it, and
disorient it enough so we can shoot it in the back!" she said, looking
out into the crowd of people.
"Any volunteers?" she asked, gingerly, looking towards Efof.
"Yes." Came the voice of Jay Chrysler from near the front. "I
Volunteer..." he began, then pushed Alan Danvers out in front of the
"This guy." he said, shrinking back into the group of dwarfers,
allowing them to make a wall that Alan couldn't get back through.
He looked towards the monster, then at Rosettes manic grin.
"Ok! theres plenty of trees, lets get to making that giant squirrel!"
She shouted excitedly, as if it was a plan to save the universe all at
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