OOC: Efof and Fferna have been mentioned planetside. I say this is due
to sloppy continuity, and will continue regardless.
Who: Pretty much everyone.
Where: Space and the planet
When: A snip shall follow.
Mk.9 peered out of the window of his escape pod to see the 'Dwarf
slowly approaching. Sure, other's in the group did the same, but my
character takes precedence. A few tiny specks whizzed from it and down
to the planet.
"A landing party, eh?" murmured Mk.9, before plotting a course for the
landing site.
"Ok folks, slight change of plan. We're going in for a planetary
landing. Change your headings to 7524.5, with a 7 degree variation.
Let's not start landing on each other." Mk.9 said over the radio to
the other escape pods.
Efof's voice came over the radio in response.
"What's up, man?"
"I saw a few landing ships head down to that planet. But more than
that, something about that planet bugs the crap outta me. I like my
crap un-bugged thank you very much."
"That's what she said."
Nothing but static followed. Half because Efof wasn't too great at
fast, witty retorts, but mostly because the radio antennae had been
Mk.9 peered out at the long plasma trails streaming off of all the
escape pods.
"Oh. Right. Re-entry. With the burning and the death."
"Yes." Came the voice of Jay Chrysler from near the front. "I
Volunteer..." he began, then pushed Alan Danvers out in front of the
"This guy." he said, shrinking back into the group of dwarfers,
allowing them to make a wall that Alan couldn't get back through.
He looked towards the monster, then at Rosettes manic grin.
"Ok! theres plenty of trees, lets get to making that giant squirrel!"
She shouted excitedly, as if it was a plan to save the universe all at
<end snip>
Jay shook his head. And not unjustifiably, either. It truly was an
insane plan. Then something made him pause in his tracks.
"Which one?"
"The normal one."
Phil walked over to Jay
"Phil, do you hear that whistling sound?"
"What whistling sound?"
At that point, a massive chunk of metal smashed into the ground not
far from them, and from it emerged three half naked Ffionian girls
still covered in jelly.
"They're angels from heaven!" said Phil, and started running at them.
"COME BACK! Oh god." More and more craters were formed as the escape
pods plowed into the planet. Mk.9 and Efof walked over to everyone else.
"I do so love a flashy entrance. So what's going on?" asked Mk.9
"Well basically, the solar system is surrounded by a force field, and
it's being generated from that bunker over there." said Jay, pointing
out a small building just past the horrible tentacle monster.
The plan was explained to the newcomers in great detail, prompting the
following response from Mk.9;
"...Where the hell did you get a flan?!"
All eyes turned to Rosette.
"Uh...I just like flans, ok?"
"Why don't we do what we always do? Swarm in there, guns blazing, and
shred the bastard."
"We can't. It's got MP, we can't risk hitting him." said Jay
Keto was heard muttering something to the contrary.
Mk.9 looked over in the monster's direction.
"Not anymore it hasn't."
Everyone looked to see that MP was running away as fast as he could,
with the monster fast approaching.
"He probably escaped through pure flatulence." said Mk.9
"Ok everyone, grab your weapons and head towards it. We gotta nail it
before it catches up with MP again." yelled Jay
Rosette timidly put her hand up.
"What is it?" asked Jay
"...Can we still use the flan?"

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