Re: Squish! Squish! Boom! Boom!

Who: Just about everyone
Where: Moon
When: After a couple of shots
<snip>Boom! Boom!
It came from the ship, and when Barf looked back he knew what it
was. Dent had blasted
the shapeshifter two times, in the chest. Then Dent's voice was
heard in speaker phone:
"I am sorry to alarm all of you with the blasts, but I could tell
this complication would have
taken some time, which we don't have, I'm afraid. I am pleased to
announce that the living
Barf Chucksome is the real one. Now, please hurry up with your
renunion before the
volcano erupts behind me."</snip>
Rika scowled as she stared at the talking ship and the remaining
Barf; the shots had sailed right past her head and her hair was
frizzled all over the place, " you
have ANY idea how long it takes to get it to calm DOWN!?" She
screamed at Barf.
"You can't seriously be upset at ME for that-" His voice was steeped
in a defensive tone.
"I can be mad at whoever the hell I please! Look at this shit! And
did you say a VOLCANO is about to erupt?" As the realization dawned
on her, Rika's voice had immediately turned to one of frustrated
confusion. She knew that it might look a little funny later on, the
fact that she could change her tone and mood so quickly, but right
now she didn't really give that much of a damn.
"Uhm...Dent?" Barf threw a look at his ship that hinted at annoyence
with the machine.
"Correct miss, the volcano behind me is about to erupt." Dent
"Well we picked a lovely place to land." Rika's voice had enough
sarchazm to it for two people.
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