**actionette** Deathtrap Dungeon

Who: Everyone now trapped in the whirling pit of whirling doom.
When: During the whirling pit of whirling doom
where:... The whirling pit of whirling doom?
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"Any ideas?" Jay piped up, seeing the blades of whirling doom
whirling towards them.
Rosette opened her mouth to say something, but was instantly cut off
by pretty much everyone.
"nothing to do with flans or wooden squirrels!"
Naturally, Rosette was disheartened to hear that no one liked her
plan, and began hatching a new one.
Of all people to say something about this, Evil Phil sighed
loudly. "all you guys want to do is blow up the generator, right?"
"yeah..." said phil, who was standing next to him. Fortunately,
someone else overheard this, and the whirling blades of whirling doom
stopped whirling. (getting the idea that i like the word 'whirling'?)
Several figures stepped out from the shadows, a strange shape being,
almost stranger than the Ffionians.
"You... here to destroy... generator?" one of them asked, in very
shaky voice, as if he had little to no grasp of the actual language.
"Yes..." came a voice from somewhere in the depth of the crowd of
"Excellent!" he said, pointing to himself with all 7 arms. "halkon."
he said, seemingly letting on that he was a halkon. "Destroy
Generator too" he said, still pointing to himself. "Resistance" he
added on the end, hoping that someone would get the idea.
---- several long and painful minutes later ----
"So.. you guys are an underground movement, that wants to stop the
halkon as well?" Jay asked, almost taking command of the group,
rather than Phil, who was a little higher ranked than him. Phil
didn't seem to mind though, it meant less work for him.
"Yes." the Halkon said simply, and gestured towards an opening in the
hole they were 'trapped' in. Everyone followed, and left the
whirling pit, ready to destroy the generator now, with a renewed hope.
They followed the Halkon resistance through a network of caves, until
they stopped. The Halkon who seemed to be the leader scratched his
heads. "We lost..." he said, unfortunately at this point, another
Halkon voice screamed down from above.
"No you not!" Even more unfortunately, this wasn't the voice of a
resistance member, but the voice of an actual Halkon, waiting to
destroy everyone. The sounds of many guns being readied could be
heard from above, as the rock face they were stood on shook, and
began to rise.
"Smeg." was the unified response of the Dwarfers. Rosette readied
her flan, hoping to be able to catch at least one off guard. The
slightly jagged spoon still stuck in the side of it, which she hoped
would pierce skin, and maybe even kill one of them.
Of course, this plan was quickly knocked down, as she saw how many of
them there were...
<tag people, another problem to get out of! someone come up with an
even more ingenious idea than i did with the wooden squirrel!>

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