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Then, Seymour cursed them all. "Well this couldn't get much worse!" Hesaid.Everyone glared at him. "What? What did I say?" he said.A short moment later, a mechanical whirring sound made them look up. Ashiny metal spinning blade as wide as the room they were in wasdescending down upon them, spinning incredibly fast.
<And snip>
Jay smacked Seymour round the back of the head.
"What was that for?! How's that going to help us?!"
Jay shrugged, "Made me feel better...." he looked around.
"Suggestions? Fast!"
Phil didn't bother responding, he just drew his rifle and fired several rounds into the blade.
The bullets hit the blade's, then ricochet'ed off, and began bouncing off every surface inches from peoples heads before embedding themselves in a red-shirted crew member.
"Whilst I applaud the sophistication of your plan Mr Febuggure" Keto said "It would seem that all you've managed to acheive was to place us all in EVEN MORE IMMEDIATE DANGER THEN KILL A CREWMAN!!"
"Maybe we can jam it somehow?" Katrina suggested.
"With what? Keto's face?" Phil asked, hopefully. 
"Maybe later.." Jay replied "But the idea's sound, we just need something solid, and bulky enough to stop the blades.."
Everyone looked around.  
"I have a suggestion.." Doctor Keto said and pointed toward something.
Everyone turned to face what he had found.
"What's everyone lookin' at me for?" asked Mk.9, who had been busy with his PSP.
Seconds later, Mk.9 was at the top of a human pyramid, with several pairs of hands thrusting him toward the blades.
"CAN'T WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR A MINUTE?!" he asked, his digitized voice clearly in "panic mode"
"Shut up and get useful, Skutter" Amber snapped as she and Chris Harris stood up to full height, lifting Mk.9 straight into the path of the blades.
A loud clanging noise was heard and a strong vibration knocked everyone off their feet causing the human pyramid to collapse in a pile of bodies at the bottom of the shaft.
Several shards of metal came crashing dows on top of them. The remains of the blade, and a slightly dented Mk.9. 
Jay, got to his feet, and with Katrina's help turned Mk.9 over onto his back and looked into his optics. "Mk.9, you ok buddy?"
Mk.9' emergency shutdown cancelled, and in his HUD his targetting system locked on to Jay. "Never bet-bet-bet-bet-bet-bet-bet-bet"
Katrina belted him with a spanner "Bet..Better. Thanks...though, I'm experiencing a few malfunctions here and there..."
His targetting system then found Keto.
"I don't like you......" was all he managed to muster.
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Who: Away-team Where: MoonWhen: Just after the survivors from Mk9's ship landed<snip>"Ok everyone, grab your weapons and head towards it. We gotta nail itbefore it catches up with MP again." yelled JayRosette timidly put her hand up."What is it?" asked Jay"...Can we still use the flan?"<end snip>Before Jay could answer, Chris Harris picked up the flan and threw itaway like a frisbee and barked orders at Rosette."Move it soldier, we're on a tight schedule!" He then thrust anautomatic weapon into her hands and pushed her off to fight the monster.Rosette bumped into Efof, who was trying to look all macho to Ffernaby swinging the gun around his finger."Is he always like that?" she asked the pair of aliens."What, short pink and funny looking?" Said the light blue-skinned,four-armed alien with a cock on his head."No… I mean… that angry.""Oh he just loves away missions, it's the only time he really gets toorder people around. Plus, Phil over there used to have his job, so Ithink he's trying to prove himself.""Oh really?" Rosette turned to Phil Febuggure. "So what's it liketaking orders from someone who has your old job?"Phil scowled and Harris prodded him in the back. "Get moving, getmoving, we're on a mission here!"Phil grumbled and ran into the fray, shooting wildly at the monster,thinking of Chris Harris.Alan Danvers however was confused as the what the current plan was andwas driving a half-finished wooden squirrel towards the monster, whichaccidentally caught fire from a stray grenade. He bailed and thewooden forest-animal ploughed slowly into the guard-monster. The largecreature screamed and ran off, it's manky tendrils on fire.Everyone stopped firing. Apart from Seymour who never fired a shot. Heheld his gun out at arms length. "I'm a Royal Ambassador, why was Igiven a gun? I don't want to have to get my hands dirty!""Alright ladies!" Called Harris, forming everyone up. "Cover us onboth sides, we're heading into the compound. There might be a few morenasties lurking around".The group split and formed up on either side of a large metal doorinto the large building. Chris ordered Phil to kick it down, which hetried but hurt his foot, so Phil kicked Harris.Finally they blew the door open with a plasma grenade and all ran inside.Jay checked the immediate area. "Looks clear." He said. "I think thisplace is fully automated."The power station was immaculately clean, it had shiny slippery floorsand brushed metal walls that almost looked like mirrors. The vainattractive Ffionian girls that had survived seemed content in lookingat themselves in the mirror and giggling.Unfortunately an attractive Ffionian with long blonde pigtails andextremely skimpy bikini walked a little bit too far from the group andwas suddenly impaled by a rack of incredibly clean and sharp spikesthat sprung out of the ground."Oh my god!" shouted Barf, who had been perving on her at the time ithappened.A second after it happened, Jay took a step back to avoid anasty-looking spinning blade that also sprung out of the floor andstarted slicing the air at goolie-height."Looks like this place is booby-trapped." Said Jay. "Careful where youstep."Chris Harris held up a schematic of the area they had taken from theirscans. "We need to get to the main generator, it's at the centre ofthe building suspended from the roof. If we can blow that up, we bringdown the forcefield."He led them round a corner and down a corridor with a slippery smoothfloor. Despite being told to be careful, Efof and Fferna were mucking aboutby sliding all over the floor. "We're dancing on ice!" they saidhappily, until Efof backed Fferna into a wall, hitting a concealed button.They both bit their lips."Now what have you done?" asked Jay in a telling-off tone."Nuffin'" Efof said, looking down at the ground. Fferna was lookingaround and whistling."If you've triggered somet-" Jay was cut off as he realised they hadin fact triggered a booby-trap, the entire corridor turned into aslippery 45 degree slope and they all slide down into a pit."Great, now look what you've done!" Scolded Jay. Efof cried intoFferna's shoulder, who scowled back at Jay.Seymour screamed as he realised the slip down the slope had worn ahole in the back of his trousers. "Seymour I can see your ass!" Rosette quickly picked up on."No you can't." "Yes I can, it's all fluffy and porcelain white."Seymour went bright red and did his best to cover up the hole. Hewould have backed against the wall but was worried about setting offanother trap.They were trapped in a small pit, with slippery vertical edges, therelooked to be no visible way to climb out again.Then, Seymour cursed them all. "Well this couldn't get much worse!" Hesaid.Everyone glared at him. "What? What did I say?" he said.A short moment later, a mechanical whirring sound made them look up. Ashiny metal spinning blade as wide as the room they were in wasdescending down upon them, spinning incredibly fast.<OOC – Tag! Who wants to get us out of this mess and possibly intoanother trap? Anything goes, it's up to whoever posts first! >

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