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Where: L.J quarters
Who: L.J
L.J was woken suddenly by screams in the corridor
"now what" she thought
she sat up and looked at the display on her bedside clock which
displayed nothing but giberish
lights she called
the lights flickered on reluctanly,
L.J slipped on her dressing gown and padded over to the door in her
fluffy pink slippers and pressed her ear to the cold metal door, she
couldn't hear anything to much, she padded over to the sink and
grabbed the towel rail and pulled it till it came off in her hands.
"unlock" she said to the door
nothing happened
"open" she said a bit louder
what the smeg is going on she thought
L.J put the towel rail down and sat on her bunk sighed and ran her
fingers though her purple hair, she laid back on her bunk
"Holly" she said to the blank screen
nothing happened
"Holly you there mate" she said again
again nothing
is he ignoring me again she thought
just as she thought that the lights flicked off
"lights" she said in to the darkness
nothing happened, as L.J laid there the realization dawned on her
that she was gently drifting upward, she couldn't feel the bunk under
thats the gravaty buggered up she thought i just hope the OG units
are not affected but whats going on the the electrics i wouldn't mind
if the lights were on
"lights" she tryed again
nothing happened all of a sudden she hit the floor
"WHAT THE SMEG IS GOING ON" she shouted into the darkness
she couldn't see the mirror but she knew her hair had changed colour
to red, she sat on the floor in the dark angry
to be continued

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