Out of the Frying Pan....

Who: Rufus, Rose, SeymourWhere: Le Ambassador's QuartersWhen: Tagged...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---- Snip ----
Rosette crawled into the main room, trying not to move her ribs
much. "a little help here please?" she asked, hoping they'd be able to
get her to stand up without the immense pain.---- End Snip ----"I'd love to help you... Really I would, but it's a minor miracle I'm still standing myself." Rufus said, swaying slightly as concussion from the fall out of the vent began to catch up with him. He indicated a few minor bullet scrapes. "Good thing Scutters have a bad aim." He grinned slightly, feeling light-headed. Seymour extracted himself from the tangle of electronics that had begun to gather around him before the EMP Grenade had gone off.
"My quarters! They are ruined!" Seymour wailed, looking at the devastation that they had caused. The blender had begun to chew its way up the curtains and was swinging there under the momentum it had been generating. "Yeah, not half as much as they will be if that Scutter patrol out there finds us. I hear bloodstains don't wash out too well...." He said moving over to Rosette. "Help me get her up will you?" Rufus asked the whinging Ambassador.
"They are already covered in blood thanks to you and that dirty woman!" Seymour exclaimed, gesturing wildly around. The Foreman grill at this point chose to drop to the floor. Rosette yelped at it clattered to the floor and Seymour screamed. It had been firmly locked onto the other curtain until a small fire had broken out and burned away the material and was working it's way slowly up the curtain material and over to the other side.
The automatic sprinklers engaged. <Tag>OOC - Sorry it's short guys. Just wanted to point out that Ruf' isn't in best of health either.  ;)

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