The fan is going to hit the shit.

Who: Mk.10, scutters, peewees, and...well, whoever else I happen to
Where: The big blue
When: After the assault on the promenade
Mk.10 sent out the recall and regroup order to all units that had
previously been converging on the promenade.
He chuckled to himself quietly.
"No fun shooting fish in a barrel."
He signalled to the virus had planted into Holly to re-open the
passages to the promenade.
"Hey Jay!" Mk.10 called out. "You may want to check on Katrina. She'll
make her way here soon."
Jay dropped his que and ran to the entrance of Parrotts just in time
to see Mk.10 leave, and Katrina shamble in through another door.
Without saying a word, he sprinted over to her and took the weight off
of her broken leg.
"Katrina! What the hell happened."
"I'm sorry Jay. The Phoenix came after me. I had to destroy it."
It was probably a mixture of the alcohol and the fact that his
girlfriend was quite badly wounded that he didn't care so much about
the destruction of his ship. Instead it was simply filed at the back
of his mind to be addressed later.
Phil, Dean, and Vanessa also hurried over, hoping to help out in some way.
"You two, go hunt down some weapons. Vanessa, help me take her to the
Phil and deal nodded and hurried off, as Vanessa took Katrina's other
arm around her neck.
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