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Vanessa and Jay approached the medi-bay, carrying Katrina between
"Wait.." said Katrina, cautiously, "What's that sound?" Everyone
listened intently, a sound like metal grating on metal was
"Probably more scutters..." said Jay, who had significantly sobered
up since his pool game.
"Let's head back up the corridor" Vanessa suggested, "Come up with
another plan.."
Katrina winced in pain, "Sorry Kat" Vanessa said "Can you hold on a
little longer?"
"I don't think it's gonna matter...." said Jay, nodding to Vanessa to
lower Katrina to the ground, which between the two of them they did,
Jay then grabbing a fire extinguisher off the wall.
"They're just round the corner, we'll never out run them..." he
said, "Get behind me sis'..." Vanessa positioned herself behind Jay
and infront of Katrina as Jay raised the extinguisher high above his
The noise got nearer, Jay prepared to smash the extinguisher down.
A figure stumbled around the corner, and was startled by the sight of
Jay, ready to pummel it with the canister and fell backwards on to
the floor.
Jay remained motionless, still holding the extinguisher in attack
"" Keto whimpered, half propped up on an
attached stasis booth,- the dragging of which along the deckplates
had caused the noise, and hiding behind a raised, hypodermic needle
hanging from it.
Jay continued to wield the makeshift weapon.
What seemed like an eternity passed, when Jay shrugged and
reluctantly put the extinguisher back.
"Oh my god!" Keto said "You were seriously considering hitting me
weren't you?!"
"...thought never crossed my mind...."
" least no more than 14 or 15 times..."
Jay bent down and yanked the needled out out Keto's hand, causing
Keto to yelp in pain, then tugged the statis booth away from his
earlobe, releasing the Doctors ear, now several minutes younger than
the rest of him.
"Doc, we need your help, Katrina's hurt bad."
"You think I don't have more important things to worry about? My medi-
bay's trying to kill me!"
"The only thing that surprises me about that statement is why it's
only decided to try it now..."
"Oh hardy-har" Keto snorted "The point is, I can't very well waste my I mean, help, anyone right now, let alone a Chrysler
wannabe with a smashed right leg!"
"Fine, then we'll set up a makeshift medi-bay!, you ok to work sans-
"Fine by me, but where will we find a place for me to work?"
*20 minutes later*
"ABSOLUTLEY NOT!" Keto spluttered as Jay and Vanessa laid Katrina
down on Keto's bed. "NO WAY! NO HOW!"
"Doc, listen, you're the cheif of medicine," Jay said "Surely your
quarters are the perfect place for a temporary medical centre?"
He looked up "Over there Tara" he nodded toward the outer wall of
Keto's apartment and Tara wheeled a medi-bed over to the wall, and
quickly chekced her patients pulse.
"Plus" Jay continued "It's the only part of the ship with no
"Shame that....nice TV...."
"look...fine, we're here now, so I'll have to put up with it, but as
soon as this charade is over, I want everyone out, and YOU owe me a
50' HD plasma TV!"
"Whatever doc, we all lost something,...." Jay clenched his teeth
thinking about his beloved Phoenix, and his girlfriends leg.
"Besides, I don't intend on letting this continue any further..."
"What are you planning..."
Jay cocked two handguns that he had grabbed from the security office
on the way to Keto's quarters, then shoved them into hip holsters,
strapped to his legs "Mk. 10's the cause of all this it seems right?"
Keto nodded.
"Well...then I guess someones gonna have to take out the trashcan..."
He turned and left the room.
<tag Rubes>
--- In, "scutter_2" <scutter_2@...>
> Who: Mk.10, scutters, peewees, and...well, whoever else I happen to
> mention.
> Where: The big blue
> When: After the assault on the promenade
> Mk.10 sent out the recall and regroup order to all units that had
> previously been converging on the promenade.
> He chuckled to himself quietly.
> "No fun shooting fish in a barrel."
> He signalled to the virus had planted into Holly to re-open the
> passages to the promenade.
> "Hey Jay!" Mk.10 called out. "You may want to check on Katrina.
> make her way here soon."
> Jay dropped his que and ran to the entrance of Parrotts just in time
> to see Mk.10 leave, and Katrina shamble in through another door.
> Without saying a word, he sprinted over to her and took the weight
> of her broken leg.
> "Katrina! What the hell happened."
> "I'm sorry Jay. The Phoenix came after me. I had to destroy it."
> It was probably a mixture of the alcohol and the fact that his
> girlfriend was quite badly wounded that he didn't care so much about
> the destruction of his ship. Instead it was simply filed at the back
> of his mind to be addressed later.
> Phil, Dean, and Vanessa also hurried over, hoping to help out in
some way.
> "You two, go hunt down some weapons. Vanessa, help me take her to
> medibay."
> Phil and deal nodded and hurried off, as Vanessa took Katrina's
> arm around her neck.
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