**Actionette** Assault on the Hangar Bay

Mk.10 stepped into hangar bay 04, and looked around at the scutters
and peewees he had assembled therein*.
"Yes, this should make for an adequate battlefront." He mused to himself.
The 'bots all began working together to gather up cargo crates and
parts of the recently fallen Phoenix to create a trench across the
hangar. Mk.10 turned to face the noise of grinding gears. Several
peewees were struggling to carry a large crate. They dropped it, and
it split open with a deafening pang to reveal some spare turrets.
"Oh yes, that'll demoralize the hell out of 'em."
Jed was sat in his chair, in his regular position. One hand supporting
his head, the other limp by his side clutching a pistol. However he
now had a rather sizeable fleet of lawyers parked in hangar bay 02,
most of the crew of which were currently standing all round him
yelling over each other about the horrible things their client could
have done to the JMC for the damage done to his ship.
He let out a sigh, followed by a booming yell.
"SEE 'ERE! Ah've Had just about enough a you dogs on mah ship. If you
don' git off this minuet Ah'll-"
Jed was cut off by the doors to the bridge being blasted in, and the
other half of the scutters and peewees not in the hangar came swarming
in, and instantly shot more than half of the lawyers stone dead.
The moment of happiness Jed felt was very soon extinguished when the
remaining lawyers started screaming like harpies about murder
occurring aboard his ship and that more lawsuits would come from their
Jay ran towards the hangar, suspecting Mk.10 would make use of it's
tactical advantages.
"Holly, what's the status on the security teams?"
Holly appeared on the screen, but was difficult to see from the
quantity of static caused by the virus that had now partially seized
control of his systems.
"They've formed a relatively large fighting force, and are gonna break
into the hangar guns blazing."
"Have you got a camera feed?"
"It'll be tricky...'ang on a mo'...'ere"
Jay slowed and stood in front of the screen.
He could see most of the hangar. Mk.10 and the robot force were in the
trenches they had constructed, and the turrets were trained on the two
doors at opposite ends of the hangar.
Mk.10 aimed his railgun at gut-height on the door, and silently used
the virus implanted in Holly's system to lower the lights in the hangar.
Outside the doors the security grunts were getting impatient, and
kicked down the door. At least they tried to, but since it was an
automated sliding door, they just fell through.
Doing a tuck-and-roll, most were able to save face, and knelt down,
peering through their scopes. What they saw sent little shivers down
their spines; A long row of intensely glowing red eyes, and one large
red eye sweeping back and forth - the eye of Mk.10.
Mk.10 chuckled just loud enough for the security personnel to hear,
and raised the lights above the turrets, throwing a cone of light over
them, and nothing else.
"Fire!" shouted both Mk.10 and several of the grunts at once. The
turrets whirred briefly, and began to tear into the grunts as they
came through the door. Those that were already inside made a decent
stand, but were easily enough picked off by the other scutters and
Jay yelled and banged his fist against the wall - something that was
detected by the virus, still listening in through the monitor.
Mk.10 received a message across his field of vision that interrupted
his shooting.
"Chrysler in port hull-side corridor. Venting of corridor possible,
but termination of 01 scutter(s) would occur due to proximity. Proceed?"
"Go for it." Said Mk.10, resuming his firing.
Jay reached for his guns as he saw a single scutter come around the
corner, before realizing it was unarmed. However, at that point the
large bulkheads began closing on either sides of the corridor, and an
audio message about the detrimental effects of being flushed into
space sounded. Without a moments hesitation, Jay ran straight down the
corridor, and snatched up the scutter on the way. It snapped angrily
at his face, before being wedged under the rapidly closing door. Jay
lay down on his stomach and scrambled to get through, his feet only
just clearing the door before it snapped shut. Peering through the
window, he saw the entire space-side wall swing up and open, venting
the corridor's contents into space.
Jay collapsed onto the floor, and caught his breath. After a few
seconds of recovery time, he stood up and resumed running towards the
*therein - no, not a theremin

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