Seymour, Rosette+Rufus - "A day out in the rafters"

Who: Seymour, Rosette and Rufus
Where: Seymour's Ambassadorial Apartment
When: After Rufus dropped in
The Foreman grill at this point chose to drop to the floor. Rosette
yelped at it clattered to the floor and Seymour screamed. It had been
firmly locked onto the other curtain until a small fire had broken out
and burned away the material and was working it's way slowly up the
curtain material and over to the other side.
The automatic sprinklers engaged.
<end snip>
Seymour and Rufus stood immobilised by the cold rain that was soaking
them through to the skin.
"Fantastic." Said Seymour sarcastically. "This is just bloody
fantastic. My apartment had been sacked, dramatically untidied,
burned, and now soaked. Just look at my 17th century mahogany dining
table – ruined!"
Seymour tried wiping his face, but the continual downpour from the
sprinklers meant it didn't get any dryer.
After what seemed like an eternity, the sprinklers stopped, and
Seymour danced around trying to dry his suit. Rufus paced up and down.
"We have to stop Mk10, he's gone mad."
" Ten? He's behind this?" said Seymour shocked. "The little
robot chap with the Australian accent?"
"Yes." Said Rufus. "Something went wrong when he transferred to a new
Seymour was stuck in a train of thought. "So why DOES he have an
Australian accent? He's a robot. He should sound American like Stephen
Rufus shrugged.
"Guys, I still need some help!" Rosette cried from under the
Seymour hurriedly picked his way over the debris over to her, then
stopped just before he reached her and bent down. "Oh no... my
Bovarian salt pot, ruined! And the little spoon had become lost... oh
what tragedy! Oh... no... there it is..." he sighed in relief.
"GUYS!" Rosette shouted angrily, attempting to lift the refrigerator
Seymour and Rufus rushed over and lifted the heavy weight. Rufus
helped her to her feet as Seymour carefully placed his Bovarian salt
pot somewhere safe.
"Holly where is Mk10 now?" Rufus asked. Holly appeared on a TV screen
partially covered by a splatter of fruit from the psycho blender. The
picture was fuzzy and Rufus could clearly see the antivirus logo
flickering, as if fighting a constant battle.
When Holly spoke it was garbled, and only certain words could now be
heard. He mentioned Jay and Hangar 04. Rufus shrugged.
"It's a place to start." he said.
Who: Rufus, Rosette and Seymour
Where: Above Hanger 04
When: Later
Seymour's apartment was actually a few decks above the hanger, so they
had to travel down to get there. With a deranged robot in charge of
all machinery they didn't want to risk the express-lift elevator, so
had to clamber down lots of greasy ladders.
Rufus climbed down first, then Seymour, then Rosette. "Wait stop!"
Whispered Rufus, clinging onto the ladder a few metres from the
ground. A scutter patrol glided past the ladder beneath them, luckily
not seeing the humans.
Rosette carried on descending and butted Seymour's head with her
"Will you please desist from sitting on my head woman!" Seymour said
"Hey, you're the one that stopped!"
"There were robots! They had guns!"
"I didn't hear! Anyway I've got broken ribs thanks to you, I shouldn't
even be climbing down ladders, it really hurts!"
Rufus dropped to the floor, then opened up a hatch in the floor. It
looked out down into the hanger. Seymour walked over and took a look
down, and instantly regretted it. "That's a four storey drop!" he said
Rufus just smiled, and looked down. They were so high they could see
almost the entire hanger. Mk10's robot army had created a trench and
barricade across the deck, and was hiding behind it fighting security
grunts coming through the main double-doors. As they were looking
down, they were just behind Mk10's army.
Without saying anything, lest the robots hear, Rufus pointed to a
narrow balcony that went around the circumference of the entire
hangerbay, far higher than any of the scutters or Mk10 could see
without looking up.
"You must be joking dear chap!" Seymour said and put his palms out
flat. "I'm not doing any monkey business on that railing."
Rufus went first, then Rosette. Just as she lowered herself down the
hatch, she looked back at Seymour. "I've got broken ribs. And I'm a girl."
Seymour scowled and followed her. He wasn't physically fit, so found
lowering himself down through a hatch a lot of pressure on his arms.
He tried not to squeal as his sweaty palms almost made him fall
several storeys onto the robot army below.
They made it onto the ledge and all tried as quietly as they could to
cross the wire mesh balcony to the far corner of the hanger. Rufus had
already reached the corner, where a partly covered housing held the
controls for a clunky yellow crane that emanated from the ceiling. It
was a crane used primarily for lifting engine parts in and out of
Starbugs and Blue Midgets when they were being serviced, but probably
had a grip wide enough to pick up a whole Blue Midget.
Rufus wasted no time and pulled a lever. The crane claw dropped three
storeys under its own weight to the floor where it crushed several
scutters dressed as cowboys.
The sudden impact caught Mk10's attention instantly. He knew what was
happening and looked up. Far above him he saw Rufus controlling the
crane, and Seymour waving embarrassingly.
Rufus pulled another lever and the crane started to winch up, taking
the crushed carcasses with it. The crane then swung away from Mk10,
then with great force swung straight back in his direction - picking
up great speed and momentum...
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