Re-wiring time

Who: CK Kochanski
Where: Computer Control
When: Same time as the assault on the hanger bay
Callum hurried around the large computer room, dragging large amounts of cable behind him and trying to disconnect or shut down as much equipment as possible. His job sounded simple, disconnect and shut down Holly while transferring Life Support and other major systems onto emergency back ups. These back ups were non-network overrides and therefore inaccessible to MK10s virus. He climbed a ladder at the side of the room, then reached over to a high shelf full of Holly's network routers... The fired an engineering laser cutter, slicing through all the wires that connected Holly to the navicomp and watched as an audio warning indicated the loss of computer control. Then the scottish engineer jumped down, running across the room and plugged in the bypass feed.... That was the last primary system 
CK stood up and looked around him, he had no idea what the extent of MK10's control was but knew he had to protect the critical ship functions... He stepped over to the main panel and pressed the big red button, then watched as Holly shut down. Then he picked up a hand gun, MK10 knew there was someone there now and it wouldnt be long before Callum had company. But he still had to re-initialize the manual override on the interior ship defense/security grid so the rest of the crew would have a fighting chance. He tucked the gun under his belt, grabbed some more cables and ran down the coridoor to another network terminal...
<OK i hope this doesnt interfere with anyones plans to much, if it does ignore it im just looking for a way back into the game, If anyone wants to come help CK im sure he wouldnt mind... Or maybe some robot goons wanna stop me from getting the security grid back under human control?>  MSN Hotmail is evolving - check out the new Windows Live Hotmail

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