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Character Name: Edward Nigma
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Nationality: Scottish
Department: psychiatric
Job Title: Psychiatrist
Physical Appearance
Skinny, 6' 3'' Tall, Slight facial hair, dreadlocks!
Personality and Interests
Generaly fairly temporate, though can have spells or random volence.
Losing sense of reality. As such enjoys golf, politics, gardening and
other mind numbing activities.
Edward Nigma has always been a bit of a mystery. He developed mental
illness as a child, having been mistaken as a javelin, he only held
on to his sanity long enough to gain a degree in psychiatry. He has
yet to cause sufficient damage or harm to anything (or anyone) to
have him comitted, so in the meantime he remains employable.
Fortuatly he is cheap. He only requires a small supply of Blueberrys
to keep him happy.
Favourite Sayings
"These handcuffs will never hold me. But just in case, can I have the

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