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Welcome Andy!!
Just what we need, a tall hairy scottish bloke wanting to talk about
"feelings" !!
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> Say hi to Andy Bennet, make him feel at home!
> Character Name: Edward Nigma
> Gender: Male
> Age: 25
> Nationality: Scottish
> Department: psychiatric
> Job Title: Psychiatrist
> Physical Appearance
> Skinny, 6' 3'' Tall, Slight facial hair, dreadlocks!
> Personality and Interests
> Generaly fairly temporate, though can have spells or random volence.
> Losing sense of reality. As such enjoys golf, politics, gardening and
> other mind numbing activities.
> History
> Edward Nigma has always been a bit of a mystery. He developed mental
> illness as a child, having been mistaken as a javelin, he only held
> on to his sanity long enough to gain a degree in psychiatry. He has
> yet to cause sufficient damage or harm to anything (or anyone) to
> have him comitted, so in the meantime he remains employable.
> Fortuatly he is cheap. He only requires a small supply of Blueberrys
> to keep him happy.
> Favourite Sayings
> "Badger!"
> "These handcuffs will never hold me. But just in case, can I have the
> keys?"

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