I have a midget and are not afraid to use it..him..that..whatever

Jay collapsed onto the floor, and caught his breath. After a few
seconds of recovery time, he stood up and resumed running towards the
A hand grabbed jay by the..well..lets just say leg shall we
"WTF are you doing there?" said Jay, ready to play "punt the midget"
"You're going to need some help theree.." Said Phil
"Which Phil am i talking to to BTW.." said jay, spinning round and
seeing someone armed with what can best be described as a "RBFG"
"The so called evil one and the midget down there..."
"Wheres the other one..and how did you get here?"?
"That's not important right now, as for your freind...Deans draging
him here now..ahhh...Here comes Satan now!" said EP with a grin
Dean was busy draging a semi comatose Satan/Phil..who was gibbering
about the comeing apocalypse and for some reason talking bannanas
"AHH JAY..BBlessed Mortal..i have come to *hic* free you from the
tryanny of the metal bastard with this offering..wash that oh smelly
"eee" said MP gestuing with a pitchfork he had just found in his
pocket..(dont ask)
"he says that you need a power sause for the gun to work.." said EP
"Not a problem..wheres the nearest switch.."
"No i dont thiunk you understand.. The Flatulent Demnoic one means
that you need some powerful SAUCE..as in tommato sauce.."
OOC : applogies for absence of late, but my health has wel..not been
100%..but enjoy
*REALLY Big F'ing Gun

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