It's an E. Nigma (posted on behalf of Trial member Edward Nigma)

<Who: E. Nigma
Where: Stasis Room>
All was it’s same boring self in the stasis room. But
that kind of came with the whole concept of going into
stasis. Not much happens! Except for the whining of
machines and the continuous tick of timers on the
capsules, everything was fairly dull. Even the low
level technicians didn’t bother tiding this room.
There was never anything to clean! And no one to tidy
for. Well, normally anyway.
Today however, things were a little different. There
was a sudden “Ping” as one of the timers ran down to
zero. With a slow hiss, one of the capsule doors
opened, and steam bellowed out into the room. As the
steam cleared, a man formed, tall and scrawny. There
was little proof of this however, as his dreads were
currently engulfing his entire body!
On one of the walls, a screen turned on, revealing a
large bald head.
Holly spoke. “Hi dude. How are you?”
“Must… have… blueberries!”
“………Kay. Here you go.”
Below the screen, a hatch slid open revealing a plate
of berries. The man walked over and picked up the
plate. He looked deep and hard into it, confused.
Without looking up, he muttered, “What’s this?”
“These aren’t blueberries.”
“Yes they are!”
“No, no there not.”
“What makes you say that?”
“They’re green.”
“It’s kinda suggested in the name.”
“What is?”
HIPPY!” Shouted the man, as he casually smashed the
plate off his former capsule.
“Well of course they’re not. They’re recycled.”
“Oh… That’s ok then” and the proceeded to pick them
off the floor, eating as he went.
“Are you ok Edward?”
The man continued to crawl around, munching on
“Nigma? Edward Nigma?”
The man looked up, “You talking to me?”
“You are Edward Nigma right?”
“On what?”
“The time of day.”
Holly looked puzzled, but shook it off.
“Are you ready to report?”
“To who?”
“Well, either the captain, or anyone in the medi-bay.”
“Fair enough. I’ll go see who I can find.”
<Can someone come and find Ed please>

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