Re-boarding the Ship

Who: Keto, Vanessa, Katrina, Tara
Where: Keto's quarters.
When: Shortly after Keto's Quarters were commandeered.
Dr Keto stomped angrily around his apartment/temporary medibay with
his brow furrowed and frustration brewing. He looked at the prone
form of Katrina and at the highly skilled nurse tending to her legs
wounds. He then looked at the empty place he'd called his abode.
Keto audibly growled at what the nurse's brother had done to his place
with the EMP grenade.
"Infernal Chrysler's," he muttered, stalking towards the bathroom.
Vanessa Chrysler looked up at Keto's grumpy form and then over to
Tara, who was standing by the door of the apartment and keeping watch
for other insane mechanical beasties or injured crew members who
happened to be stumbling their way.
"You see anyone Tara?" she asked.
Tara shook her head in reply.
Vanessa sighed and continued treating Katrina.
Inside his bathroom, Keto was ranting and raving.
"Curse and damn this ridiculous situation! Insane mechanics running
riot on the ship? This is unbearable! When this is over with, when
that pilot refunds my equipment, when MY MEDIBAY BECOMES..." he
stalled a little and leant on his basin.
Keto turned the taps and splashed his face with water, regaining a
little composure.
"*Ahem* when my medibay becomes inhabitable again there will be some
changes. Oh yes, there will be some changes."
Keto sighed and walked towards his shower. His beautiful shower.
At least that still worked. He checked the bathroom door was locked
and he was safe from the unsuspecting entrances of his medical team
before striding back to his welcoming and inviting shower.
He pulled back the curtain and stopped in horror.
A familiar voice greeted him and he closed his eyes.
"I hate everything."
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