Efof - "Left behind" pt 4

Who: Efof and Fferna
Where: Relationship Councillor's office, New Ffion
"Alright, that's it. This place is too twisted for me. You people are
just wierdos!" Efof stood up and walked out of the office, leaving
Fferna sobbing.
"You see how he treats me?" She cried into her hands.
"There there" said the counselor. "I'll go get you a knife so you can
go sacrifice him. I think you deserve it."
Fferna wiped the tears away. "Thank you doctor. I think that will make
me feel better."
<end snip>
Efof ran as soon as he saw the door burst open and his girlfriend –
no! Ex-girlfriend, stand there with a large serrated hunting knife
that would have made Crocodile Dundee proud.
One look from her manic eyes told him everything. Her eyes were puffy
and dark, and the small amount of eye make-up that she wore had been
smudged around from crying and rubbing. But she was no longer crying,
she was actually grinning, looking forward to what came next.
"Oh Efof..." she called to him sweetly.
Efof backed away down the corridor. "Erm... yes dear." he said
sheepishly backing away from her and eyeing the knife. Efof was
normally a dim person, who could be easily lured into bad situations
or practical jokes just by telling him to do something, as he was very
trusting of what people tell him. Off duty, drunken crewmembers in
Parrotts often send him on wild goose chases for a laugh. The old
classics of telling him to announce on the shipwide tannoy system that
there is a message for I.P. Freely, Ivana Tinkle and Pat Mykock just
never got old because Efof just hadn't heard them before.
But Efof knew instantly that believing anything that a scorned woman
with an extremely large knife said to him, - no matter how sweetly it
sounded – just wasn't going to be healthy for him.
He turned and ran screaming like a girl.
Efof broke out of a window and found himself in a street. A street
market got in his way and he stood on several 6 winged chickens to try
and loose her. He jumped over a stall selling copied DVD's and over
another one selling cinder toffee. He stopped for a piece, then let
out a worried squeak as he saw Fferna tipping tables over to get to him.
Efof needed a plan. He wasn't normally the kind of person to think too
far ahead, but he knew he couldn't run forever. He hid in a small
tea-room until he felt the solid stab of Fferna's knife embedding into
the table he was hiding under. Efof scowled at the waitress who had
pointed out his hiding place to her.
He darted out of the shop and ran down a narrow cobbled street. In the
distance he saw a sign for the spaceport. That was it. He knew that
was where he had to get to.
He looked around at his surroundings, the Ffionian people were staring
and pointing at him, shouting encouragement to Fferna and helping her
wherever they could. An elderly man threw something at his head and a
child kicked a football under his feet, almost tripping him up.
So this was it, his people. The people of his race he had only dreamed
about seeing again for the past seven years were treating him like
this. When he came to this planet he felt like he'd returned home,
like he was no longer living as an alien amongst men, he was back
where he belonged. Now he realised he felt much happier being an alien.
He wanted to go back to the Blue Dwarf. Sure it was a ship full of
slackers and twats, but they were his favourite slackers and twats.
<To be continued!>

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