Welcome back Dante!

I want to announce the very welcome return of Nathan aka Dante
Wendigo, a rock hard alien marine working for Security.
Nathan, you might want to explain where Dante's been all these
months, the last post I can find is here: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/JMC_Blue_Dwarf/message/9447
althogh he was mentioned a few months after that as an NPC in other
peoples posts.
Here's Dante's updated bio:
Character Name: Dante Wendigo
Gender: Male
Age: 312
Nationality: Morgan
Department: security
Job Title: Weapon Specialist
Player/NPC? active
Physical Appearance
Dante is a rather large and imposing character. Mainly due to his
size, he is 7ft 5" tall and extremly bulky due to his speices. When
Dante first arrived on the JMC Blue Dwarf he had been travelling for
approximately 50 yrs in a tin can through space, so he looked a bit
ragged, he has since cut his air back to the military standard and
shaved his beard down to a cool goatee. Dante was born into war and
so bears a few "scrathes", bullet wounds plasma burns, knife scars
and bite marks. his favourite is the 60 wipe slashes on his back from
when he ate his Captains dinner during his basic military training.
Dante's life expectancy is 600 earth yrs old
Personality and Interests
Dante loves weapons and explosives. He is normally a very quite
character and says very little on most subjects unless he seriously
disagrees with someone. Dante has a servere problem with rule
breakers. Dante is an expert in CQC (Close Quater Combat)
Dante grew up on a planet hundreds of thousands of lightyears away
from Earth on Morgania. He was born into the military life and joined
when he was 15 earth yrs old and served with the 1289th Space
Infantry Battalion for 245 of your earth yrs before reaching the rank
of Major. When his people thought they had the upper hand in the war
Dante's Battalion was ordered to take the final enemy research lab
and in doing so would win the war. During the raid the enemy set off
the planet self destruct mechanism, but Dante and his Self Defence
and Armour Antroid Charlie made it inot a escape bus moments before
the planet imploded. Dante is thought to be the only survivor.
Once Dante joined the Dwarf after 50 Yrs space traveling in his bus
he setled in well with the crew and established myself as a
dependable memeber of the security team.
Then mysteriously Dante was dragged away by the Time Police to serve
a term of no less then 2 yrs MARINE service for tampering with time
in another time stream. He is now back amongst the crew for all to
Favourite Sayings
"Yipee Ki Yay"
"Wooo! Thats Gotta Hurt!"
"To the Armoury"

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