The re-re-return of Dante Wendigo

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> I want to announce the very welcome return of Nathan aka Dante
> Wendigo, a rock hard alien marine working for Security.
> Nathan, you might want to explain where Dante's been all these
> months, the last post I can find is here:
> althogh he was mentioned a few months after that as an NPC in other
> peoples posts.
OOC Thanks Dave,
I would be glad to explain where I have been, I've been fighting wars
and getting married and stuff. Where Dante has been well......
Who: Dante and Charlie
Where: Somewhere smelly. (Dont ask)
When: half 10 on a sunday night
Deep within the deep depths of the engine and maintence areas of BD,
a heavy man hole cover shifted up and off its mountings and landed
with a clunk on the floor. A dim yellow glow appeared from the
"Charlie stop snooping around and get out my way" The yellow glow had
come from the eyes of a filthy rusty floating robot which was now
lying in a heap on the floor 3ft from the manhole cover. A massive
head emerged covered in grease and dirt, its dirty neck tried to
escape from the large hole but its progress was hindered by the huge
broad shoulders that followed it and stopped on contact with the rim.
"What? I'm stuck!" Charlie turned to see Dante struggle with getting
his broad frame out the hole.
"How are you stuck? You got in there through that excat same Manhole.
Just get out, stop pratting about we can go on shore leave today and
then in two weeks back to normal work in stead of this poop!"
"I know but since we, I mean I, messed up that thing, that we aren't
aloud to talk about in case he or I, infact the other me comes back
again. And Phil sentenced us to 36mnths of dark matter removal though
all 16 sectors of the ship. I've kinda been working out. That stuffs
"Right, well thanks for the histroy lesson that I already knew,
*Charlie turns to camera* (thats for you lot at home). If you put one
arm out first then maybe......"
Dante wrenched his way clear of the hole with the metal rim still
round his neck. Dante used one of his goliath sized hands to lift the
ring of steel over his head and flung it as if it was a plastic
frisby down the long wide underbelly of Blue Dwarf. It made a very
small clang as it landed a good distance away.
"Right lets get upstairs and pack"
Locker room
A now much cleaner. Dante was empting his locker into a small bag,
(he doesn't own much most of it was nicked when he was sentenced to
serve with the MARINES for months many moons ago), when the dated
annoucment system crackled into life.
"Will Mr Wendigo please report to security immediately your leave has
been cancelled! Than you have a pleaseant day"
"Yippe Kay Yay, some action!" Dante launced his bag back into the
locker and slammed it closed with his elbow.
"What you celebrating for, they have just cancelled your leave again"
Charlie liked to point out the obvious.
"Yes but where was i gonna go EARTH? Ha"
"Well I'm off to recharge my batteries at this new robot spa!"
Charlie pulled out a leaflet.
"Its got acid baths, rewelding stations...."
"Will PSADR (Personal Security, Armour and Defence Robot) 16 AKA
Charlie please report to Security"
"HAHAHA, looks like no spa matey."
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P.P.S Sorry for the disappearing act.

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