Escape From Medibay

Who: The medibay staff and patients (minus Katrina and Vanessa)
Where: Keto's quarters (the temporary medibay)
When: During Mk.10's madness
A moment of silence followed.
"They've got Katrina and Vanessa!" Tara shouted.
"I know that. We all know that, we just saw it happen!" Keto shot back.
"Then why didn't you do something?"
"What could we do? If any of us moved we'd be a corpse more useless
than that bloody tree over there."
The tree sagged.
"Well lets go get them back." Said Tara, fists in the air and up for a
"Wait a second… we need a plan…" Said Keto as everyone rushed towards
the door.
Suddenly, Keto's nose caught a sniff of something. "What's that… oh."
A spark traced the outline of the door. Keto pulled on the handle.
" appears... we've been welded in."
*Five minutes later*
"Thou really shoulds't sit down, Charles," said Shakespeare, sitting
on the edge of Keto's bunk, along with Wildflower, Tara and several
patients. The bunk itself currently held a comatose patient who Keto
was quite frankly envying right now.
"I'm not sitting down in any room in which you are present," growled
Keto through gritted teeth, tugging again on the doorhandle. Much as
it had done the previous fifty-three times, it refused to move. The
door was irrevocably sealed.
"Charlie, are you sure this room isn't airtight?" said Wildflower,
glancing around Keto's quarters, "There don't seem to be any air vents
in here."
"There are several thin slits instead of air vents, to stop certain
untrustworthy crewmembers from getting in," said Keto, futilely
pulling the handle again, "Believe me that if there WAS a larger air
vent in this room, I would currently be halfway down it to escape from
you insufferable creatures."
"You especially!" snapped Keto, causing the Tree to droop. He took a
step away from the door, looking speculatively around his quarters.
"I almost wish I hadn't made this room as impregnable as I have," he
mused to himself.
Shakespeare sighed and headed for the bathroom as Keto paced around
the room, tapping on the walls and looking disappointed when none of
them sounded hollow. One of the patients looked up as Keto walked
past him.
"I think I have a broken leg," he said plaintively.
"I'll be sure to pass that diagnosis on to somebody just as soon as we
get out of here," said Keto, not looking down.
"It's rather painful."
"And you're rather annoying. Unless you're about to die in the next
thirty seconds, I don't want to hear anybody say ANYTHING."
"CHARLES! I haveth found a solution most grand!" echoed Shakespeare's
voice from the bathroom. Keto squeezed his eyes shut and hung his head.
"Umm...HE said something," pointed out the patient.
"He's also about to die in the next thirty seconds," growled Keto,
stalking across his quarters towards the bathroom, the more
able-bodied patients and staff members following him.
Shakespeare was standing in the bathroom next to Keto's mirror - which
was hanging crookedly to one side. Keto glared at the surgeon, who
was looking overjoyed.
"Looketh here!" announced Shakespeare proudly, "A second room!"
"No, Shakespeare," sighed Keto, "It's a mirror. That's THIS room.
It's what we highly advanced people call a 'reflection'. I know it's
technical, but you're going to have to cope with these things."
"Wait, Charlie, I think he's right!" said Wildflower, who had walked
over to where Shakespeare was grinning.
"Never utter those words in my presence again."
"But look!" insisted Wildflower, and poked Keto's mirror.
Her hand went straight through.
Keto frowned, and took a step forwards, also moving to poke a finger
against the reflection. His hand moved forward, touched the
mirror...and then went through it, apparently vanishing through the
"What the..." he murmured, then frowned and felt around the frame of
the mirror.
"Why," he asked after a moment, "Is there a HOLOGRAM of a mirror
hanging in my bathroom?"
"To disguiseth the second room!" said Shakespeare happily, and then
without further ado climbed through the mirror frame.
The others stared at it.
"If we break the mirror now..." murmured Keto.
"It's not a real mirror and you know it. Come on!" said Wildflower,
and climbed through after Shakespeare. Keto hesitated, then rolled
his eyes.
"Alright. Everybody, follow the idiots," he said.
"What about my broken leg?" came a wail from the back of the crowd.
"Fine! Everybody either follow the idiots or stay with the idiot!"
snapped Keto, and climbed through the mirror himself.
Behind the hologram of the mirror...was another room. Shakespeare had
been right. It looked like a deserted storage room, which presumably
backed onto Keto's bathroom.
"I repeat: why is there a hologram of a mirror, disguising this room,
in my bathroom?" growled Keto as he looked around. Dusty crates
filled the room. He marched over to one and pulled it open, coughing
as the particles spun into the air. Shakespeare and Wildflower joined
him, peering over his shoulder as he lifted something out of the crate.
" one of my ointments!" exclaimed Keto angrily, "Number 475b!
I thought I'd lost this over a year ago! And this...this is my
original sample of ointment 728! HAS BEEN
"There be'est a note," pointed out Shakespeare, pulling gingerly at
the corner of a very dusty piece of paper tucked into the crate. He
yelped as Keto snatched it off him and stared at it.
"Ointments acquired Tuesday, 7pm," he read aloud, "No idea what they
do, but they're probably worth something. And it's signed..."
He hissed, a sound of fury that made Shakespeare and Wildflower take
an uncomfortable step backwards.
"It's signed Cerebrum," he spluttered, "He must have stolen these all
years ago!"
They all stared into the crate for a moment.
"I think...we should get out of here," said Wildflower, gesturing
towards the door of the room, "That must lead back out into the main
ship corridors. We just need to avoid those crazy robots."
"Agreed," managed Keto after a moment, turning away from the crate and
flicking it shut with one hand. "Send Shakespeare out first."
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