Decoy Decoy!

Who: The 'MediCrew'
When: After discovering the secret room
Where: The secret room.
"I think...we should get out of here," said Wildflower, gesturing
towards the door of the room, "That must lead back out into the main
ship corridors. We just need to avoid those crazy robots."
"Agreed," managed Keto after a moment, turning away from the crate and
flicking it shut with one hand. "Send Shakespeare out first."
<end snip>
Shakespeare did a double take and looked straight at Keto, eyebrows
wiggling madly across his forehead as the words sank in.
"Wh...What Charles?" he stammered.
"You should lead us, a brave chief surgeon like you. Why only a few
minutes earlier you were proclaiming how much you wanted to play your
part. Well now is your chance Lawrence."
Keto folded his arms smugly, despite the look of horror emanating from
"Charlie, you can't just blindly send Shaksey out there. This place
is alien to him, he knows nothing."
"Whether he has the memories of the last six years or not, that bard
will always know nothing," stated Keto. "I'm the Chief Medical
Officer here and Shakespeare is my subordinate. And I know he won't
disobey a direct order. Will you Lawrence?"
Shakespeare gulped and then shook his head firmly. "Nay Sir. I be'st
at thy commandeth. Privee thy see'st fit to lain myne life outeth thy
room, thou art contemplatings't correct. Myne honour is't myne."
Shakespeare adjusted his charcoal doctors coat and brushed his hair
from his eyes. He swallowed and fiddled a little with his chin hair
before putting a hand on the door to the crate room. He opened it
slightly and peeked through the crack.
"Wells't thy area seemeth to have nay mechanicaleth beasties," he mused.
"Oh really?" said Keto, putting his hands on the Surgeon and pushing
him out of the room.
Shakespeare stumbled into the hallway and crashed into the wall
opposite, the door behind him slamming shut. Keto smiled and turned
around to see seven angry faces staring back at him. Wildflower
looked incredulously at the Chief Medical Officer.
"Tough love," shrugged Keto.
Shakespeare, meanwhile, got to his feet and shook himself dazedly.
Luckily for him the whole corridor was free of anything that could be
classed as homicidal. He smiled and turned back to the door he'd just
been ejected from. Rapping on it lightly he called to the occupants.
"Charles, thy coast be clear," he whispered.
"I don't trust you Lawrence. Take another look."
"Honestly Charles! I telleth thy...ULP..." Shakespeare stopped
talking suddenly. There was a loud clatter followed by a faint
rumbling which seemed to get louder as the second passed before
finally ceasing too at a nearly deafening volume.
Keto waited for something to sound. After a few minutes he called out
"Lawrence? Are you still out there?"
The reply was a loud smashing as the door to the crate room was ripped
from it's hinges by an impassive looking loader drone. It stared at
Keto who was the closest body in the room.
"Oh," said Keto as the robot lunged for his throat.
There was another loud crashing as the top part of the ceiling dropped
away directly above the robot and a dusty looking Shakespeare
descended from upon high, landing on top of the murderous machine.
"Dieth foul monstrosity!" Shakespeare shouted, pounding the top of the
mechanical menace with his bare fists.
There was a plethora of sparks and fizzes as Shakespeare beating took
its toll on the robot, before finally and with one last resounding
whirr it stopped moving and dropped to the floor.
"Now iteth ist thy safe," he said to a stunned looking Keto.
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