Re: Who needs a mudbath?

Who: Seymour, Rufus, Rosette
Where: An oil-soaked Auxiliary mining deck
When: After the silo spread its contents
Seymour stopped screaming after about half a minute when he saw Rufus,
knee deep in the oil carrying the unconscious form of Rosette, who had
feinted from the pain of loosing three fingers.
Seymour took one look at Rosette bloody malformed hand, and feinted
backwards into the oil. The gloopy oil immersed his entire body, and
for a few seconds the only sign he was laying under the surface was a
few bubbles. Rufus, who already had his hands full with carrying
Rosette couldn't do anything but watch until Seymour burst back out of
the large black paddling pool they'd created.
Seymour coughed and spluttered, spitting oil from his mouth and wiping
the thick substance away from his eyes.
"Enjoying yourself?" Asked Rufus sarcastically.
"Remind me not to do that again" Seymour said.
Rufus waved Rosette's limp arm at him with a sly grin. Seymour saw the
bloody injury and gulped, but refrained from feinting again. "That is
most certainly not funny!" He said.
A far-off mechanical sound made them wade hurriedly towards the exit,
fearing another attack by the large monstrous mining robots.
The exit from this room was through a short tunnel, with many pipes
arching over the top of them, it provided them temporary cover from
the large robots, as it was too small for them to fit. This tunnel
lead down some stairs into another mining deck similar to the one they
have just been.
"We don't want to go down there." Rufus said, pointing with Rosette's
limp arm, waving the injured hand in Seymour's face, making him feel
nauseous. "There's another one of those robots – look."
Seymour stopped looking at the deformed palm and looked down the
stairs, he could see the fists of a robot there, it was clawing in the
tunnel trying to get inside.
Luckily the exit they needed was halfway down the stairs.
Unfortunately the oil had spread all over this section and was flowing
down the stairs, making the entire stairwell extremely slippery.
Seymour went down first, the constant flow of oil meant he couldn't
even see the stairs, so had to feel with his feet for when it dropped
down to the next step. The flow of the oil on the back of his legs
meant he was constantly fighting to keep his balance, and almost fell
a few times. He shuddered to think what would happen if he slipped and
fell down the entire stairwell, into the waiting claws of the monster
He reached the middle of the staircase and stood by the exit and
desperately clutched the wall for stability against the constant gush.
Rufus called down to him.
"I can't get down whilst I'm carrying Rosette." He said, and paused as
he tried to think of a solution. "I'm going to slide her down to you.
Catch her or she's a gonner!"
Seymour gulped. He didn't like the thought of someone else's life
being in his slippery hands.
Still unconscious, Rosette was lowered to the floor by Rufus and slid
down the stairs like you would slide down a slide in a playground. As
she slid down each step, the bouncing on her backside eventually woke
her up just before Seymour grabbed her.
Startled, Rosette didn't have a clue what was going on. Before she
feinted she remembered a pain in her hand, which was still there, but
now accompanied by a bruising on her backside.
Seymour grabbed her by the normal hand. Then he grabbed her by the
injured hand. He screamed as he imagined touching the open would, and
Rosette screamed in pain as she felt someone touching her injury.
She slipped away and continued slipping down the stairs towards the
metal monster at the bottom, Rufus and Seymour watching with horror.
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> The large minig robot had an even worse landing however. The heavy
> robot collided with the silo and dented it inward, the momentum then
> pushing the several storey object to the floor, where it rolled like
> a hundred tonne rolling pin towards Rosette and Rufus.
> Rosette and Rufus turned around to quyickly run out of the exit, the
> see four assault rifles and one deadly sniper rifle rammed in their
> faces from a tiny but elite team of Peewee robots.
> <end snip>
> Rufus looked at the robots, and then at Rosette. The big silo was
> flying towards them at breakneck speeds... Luckily, it was also
> flying towards the Peewee team, who didn't want to get themselves
> destroyed either...
> Their small CPU's ran furiously, building up calculation base that
> would allow them to survive. Unfortunately for them, they only came
> up with one solution - saving the humans would save themselves.
> All of the peewees opened fire on the silo, shattering its weak
> outer shell with ease, the fluid within it flowed forth. Seymour,
> standing just the other side was inspecting the Mining robot that
> had been attacking him, the crash into the silo was enough to
> shatter what would have been its spinal chord - the hydraulic cables
> were split, leaking the fluid that allowed it to move. He looked
> up, at the silo, now rolling away from him.
> Instead of seeing a rolling metal cylinder, he saw a flow of pitch
> black liquid. His fashion sense died a thousand deaths as the fluid
> turned out to be a thin oil, sticking to him all over, and
> completely ruining his jacket.
> He screamed like a girl.
> At the other end of the room, the oil burst into the group of robots
> and people, covering all of them in a thin coat of slippery oil.
> The weapons the peewees were holding suddenly flew from their hands,
> onto the floor, along with all members of said group.
> Acting instinctively, both Rufus and Rosette leapt for a weapon as
> soon as they'd seen it leave the arms of the Peewees. Diving for
> the same weapon isn't normally a good way to do things, but in this
> case it worked, as Rosette got to it first, it slipped from her
> hands, straight into the waiting hands of Rufus, who opened fire
> straight away.
> Four of the five peewees went down with the first volley, the other
> happened to be the one with the highest kill rate of all the peewees
> dispatched, and was able to get a shot off before it was destroyed.
> The shot flew through the air, faster than anyone could see, and
> tore through Rosettes hand, almost severing it completely. The heat
> from the shell did a good job of quarterising the wound, but also
> left her missing three of her fingers.. leaving her with an index
> finger, and a thumb. SHe screamed like a girl... Seymour however
> managed to out-do her girly scream, and all he was screaming about
> was a ruined set of clothes. Rosette fell to her knee, clutching
> her wrist, the pain enough to make her faint.
> "Well, this is great... broken ribs, and half a missing hand..." she
> thought as she fell, watching everything around her going
> than the oil she was lying in. Rufus lifted her out of the oil, to
> stop her from choking on it, but was unable to wake her from her
> painful slumber.
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