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Mk.10 shoved the massive EVE off of himself. The absence of gravitymeant he had near equal ground with Jay, and he still had his lastsuper-high velocity round left."Damn, what am I supposed to do with this guy?" muttered Jay as helunged for Mk.10Mk.10 sprinted across the hull and between the legs of the EVE. Thetwo of them turned, Mk.10 aiming his railgun directly at the centre ofJay's cockpit."Adios, flyboy."Mk.10 pulled the trigger, and glanced down in horror when the onlythings to leave the gun was a click and some sparks."Shit! I didn't disengage the charge-OOF!" said Mk.10, cut off by Jayonce again pinning him against the ship's hull."Grah! Get the hell off of me, or kill me now!" Mk.10 let out betweenthe audio filters of grit teeth. "The former would certainly bepreferable.""Jay, this is Rufus." came across Jay's internal comms"Bit busy now, pal. Call back?" replied Jay, as he diverted extrapower to the magnetic systems holding Mk.10 sandwiched between the'Dwarf and his EVE."If that's your girlfriend on the line, tell her to get stuffed!"yelled Mk.10 through a patch into Holly's audio relay."Sod off. Ok Rufus, what is it?""Well, we've got a copy of Mk.10's missing files and a way to transfer' where are you two?""Out in space.""Huh?""That big black thing out the window with all the little white bits.""Quiet droid, this is organism talk. Grab a few space suits and meetus out here.""Ok, just give us a few minutes.""Rufus?""What is it, Mk.10?""Yer gun's a piece of shit!"Mk.10 continued to squirm under the EVE, before finally resigning tohis entrapment."Fine, but I've still got one trick up me cache file. --ALL ROBOTICUNITS. ALL ROBOTIC UNITS. PROCEED TO THE SHIP'S PRIMARY REACTOR COREFOR SIMULTANEOUS SELF-DESTRUCTION. THIS ORDER IS FINAL AND CANNOT BECOUNTERMANDED--"All over the ship, the remaining scutters and peewees dropped theirweapons and blindly followed their pre-set paths to their common goal.Jay, in despiration, peered up at the nearby external gantry, andsmiled at the sight of three figures clad in white space suits.<tag folks. A few things to get done, yeah. Y'all have fun stoppin'those robots, now. Backpost of Rufus' journey will follow from Onion.>

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