Re: For hate\'s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

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> Mk.10 shoved the massive EVE off of himself. The absence of gravity
> meant he had near equal ground with Jay, and he still had his last
> super-high velocity round left.
> "Damn, what am I supposed to do with this guy?" muttered Jay as he
> lunged for Mk.10
> Mk.10 sprinted across the hull and between the legs of the EVE. The
> two of them turned, Mk.10 aiming his railgun directly at the centre of
> Jay's cockpit.
> "Adios, flyboy."
> Mk.10 pulled the trigger, and glanced down in horror when the only
> things to leave the gun was a click and some sparks.
> "Shit! I didn't disengage the charge-OOF!" said Mk.10, cut off by Jay
> once again pinning him against the ship's hull.
> "Grah! Get the hell off of me, or kill me now!" Mk.10 let out between
> the audio filters of grit teeth. "The former would certainly be
> preferable."
> "Jay, this is Rufus." came across Jay's internal comms
> "Bit busy now, pal. Call back?" replied Jay, as he diverted extra
> power to the magnetic systems holding Mk.10 sandwiched between the
> 'Dwarf and his EVE.
> "If that's your girlfriend on the line, tell her to get stuffed!"
> yelled Mk.10 through a patch into Holly's audio relay.
> "Sod off. Ok Rufus, what is it?"
> "Well, we've got a copy of Mk.10's missing files and a way to transfer
> ' where are you two?"
> "Out in space."
> "Huh?"
> "That big black thing out the window with all the little white bits."
> "Quiet droid, this is organism talk. Grab a few space suits and meet
> us out here."
> "Ok, just give us a few minutes."
> "Rufus?"
> "What is it, Mk.10?"
> "Yer gun's a piece of shit!"
> Mk.10 continued to squirm under the EVE, before finally resigning to
> his entrapment.
> "Fine, but I've still got one trick up me cache file. --ALL ROBOTIC
> All over the ship, the remaining scutters and peewees dropped their
> weapons and blindly followed their pre-set paths to their common goal.
> Jay, in despiration, peered up at the nearby external gantry, and
> smiled at the sight of three figures clad in white space suits.
> <tag folks. A few things to get done, yeah. Y'all have fun stoppin'
> those robots, now. Backpost of Rufus' journey will follow from Onion.>

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