Seymour, Rufus, Rosette, & Shakespeare *Backpost*

…a large piece of metal fell away from the roof in front of
Rosette. It landed on the stairs in a diagonal position and acted like
a dam, stopping most of the flow of oil and catching Rosette in the
process. Along with the metal grating, the scared form of Shakespeare
dropped also. He landed across the grating hard and screamed in pain,
before falling over its edge into the oil pool next to Rosette,
"Is that who I think it is?" Asked Seymour.
<end snip>
Who: Seymour, Rufus, Rosette, and Shakespeare
Where: Staircase on the Auxiliary Engineering Deck
When: After Sean's post but before Reuben's
Rufus raced down the slippery stairs to help Rosette and Shakespeare.
Seymour however had a greater sense of self-preservation, and didn't
dare move on the oily steps.
Rufus helped Rosette and Shakespeare to their feet, although even on
their feet they were waist-deep in the oil, as the piece of metal that
had fallen from above was acting as a dam, stopping all water from
flowing further down the staircase.
The three climbed back up the stairs, Seymour reched over to pull them
up, but even at his height, he was starting to feel the surface level
of the oil rise above his knees.
They all darted for the doorway that was halfway up the stairs.
Shakespeare pulled on the door firmly but the door swung outwards and
the body of weight of the liquid in the way was forcing the door closed.
"Put your back into it you pansy!" Said Seymour, with much bravado.
Yet when he tugged on the door it barely budged a millimetre.
The level of the oil was now at neck height, and they all started to
tread water. Rosette's injured hand made it incredibly difficult for
her to swim, so her head kept ducking under the water and she fought
for breath.
Swimming back up the staircase seemed to be an impossible solution,
the only way was towards the makeshift dam, and the robot that waited
beyond. "Forsooth! Thine blockage!" Shakespeare exclaimed, nodding his
head towards the dam, which seemed to be breaking under the pressure
of so much liquid that had built up.
The dam exploded, and all four of them gushed forwards.
The large mining robot tried to grab them as they slid along with the
oilslick towards it, but they slid harmlessly underneath its legs. It
turned too quickly and fell over, slamming it's head into a coal furnace.
They almost slid down an large looming drain, but Rosette was quick
thinking. She pulled the taser out of her pocket and (with her good
hand) fired it upwards where the wires snagged around a convenient
pipe. Everyone held onto her until the oil slick subsided.
Who: Seymour, Rufus, Rosette, and Shakespeare
Where: Science Labs
When: As Mk10 and Jay are fighting
It was a short walk to the Science Labs from where they were.
Shakespeare found some gauze and bandages and tied up Rosette's
injured hand, while Rufus immediately got to work on their plan to
upload the file to Mk10.
He found the missing files and uploaded them to a small PDA, which he
connected to the taser. He replaced the barbs with small but strong
With a grin, Rufus called Jay.
"We've got a copy of Mk.10's missing files and a way to transfer
' where are you two?"
"Out in space."
"That big black thing out the window with all the little white bits."
"Quiet droid, this is organism talk. Grab a few space suits and meet
us out here."
"Ok, just give us a few minutes."
<end snip>
There was an airlock not far away from where they were, it was
normally used for scientists to perform tests on the hull, or to check
for space organisms or bacteria that sometimes collected there.
All four of them suited up and went for a little walk. Rufus held his
new weapon aloft proudly.
Unfortunately this was not the only airlock in the area. A second
opened up to their left and several Peewee robots started taking pot
shots at them. Forgetting to bring weapons outside, the team were
exposed and vulnerable. Shakespeare picked up a small rock that had
become encrusted onto the hull and threw it at them. The rock flew
through the frictionless empty space and hit the first robot squarely
on the head, it blurred his vision and he started shooting wildly.
One of the shots hit Rufus' arm, narrowly missing his flesh but
tearing a gaping hole in his suit.
Luckily the firing stopped abruptly. All robots lined up and walked in
a zombie-like state back through the airlock.
"That was odd." Said Rosette.
"Guys, I'm leaking air pretty quickly. I think I need to go back."
Said Rufus, thrusting the modified taser into the spacesuited hands of
Shakespeare. "Here, just point and shoot. But don't miss!" he said,
before jogging back to the airlock.
"Shoot?" quizzed Shakepeare.
Jay, in despiration, peered up at the nearby external gantry, and
smiled at the sight of three figures clad in white space suits.
<end snip>
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fires the gun? Do they miss? What does Mk10 do to stop them? Can
anyone stop the robots from suicide-bombing the reactor core? >

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