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Who: Shakespeare, Rosette, Seymour, Jay, MK10
Where: The Big Black Thing with all the White Little Bits AKA Space
When: As Jay and MK10 are fighting
"Here, just point and shoot. But don't miss!" he said,
before jogging back to the airlock.
"Shoot?" quizzed Shakepeare.
</end snip>
"Yes shoot," replied Seymour gesturing. "Surely you know how to
shoot, old chap?"
Shakespeare looked down at the weapon in his hands and felt the edges
of the barrel gingerly.
He had a strange feeling deep in the centre of his head when he held
it. It was something to do with a large falling tree and odd shaped
monsters. It did not sit well with him, but letting his fellow crew
down was a horror he could not bear to entertain so he pushed the
thoughts back away and gripped the stock fiercely.
"Myne teachings were fews't, but I can'st brandish weaponry!"
"Jolly good! Might want to do that!" stated Seymour, pointing past
their gantry way.
Shakespeare followed Seymour's pointing finger and laid eyes upon a
large craft pinning an equally large mechanical demon to the side of
the Blue Dwarf's hull. Judging from how desperate the man in the ship
looked and from how menacing the demon seemed, Shakespeare was going
out on a limb to determine that this was an important battle.
"Howeth does't one use thy device?" he asked, looking down at the top.
Shakespeare's fingers inadvertently squeezed trigger as he held the
gun upwards. A shot left the barrel and zipped out aimless into
space, doing nothing but hitting some floating debris.
"Aha!" he exclaimed happily. "Thou shalt noteth be thy difficult!"
He pointed the gun at MK10 and pulled the trigger again. This time,
whilst the shot sped in the general direction of the beastie, it
simply passed between the craft and the 'head' of the murderous droid.
"Watch it doc!" shouted Jay from inside his cockpit. "Aim that thing
a little to the right or you'll be decorating MK10 in Chrysler coated
Shakespeare winced and tried aiming again. His third shot did nothing
but graze the very edge of MK10, who was now granting Shakespeare his
full attention.
"Why did I order ALL the scutters away?" he said to himself.
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