Seymour, Shakespeare, Rosette - "Copy and paste"

Who: Seymour, Shakespeare, Rosette, Mk10 and Jay
Where: Outside the Blue Dwarf
When: As Mk10 and Jay were fighting
Shakespeare winced and tried aiming again. His third shot did nothing
but graze the very edge of MK10, who was now granting Shakespeare his
full attention.
"Why did I order ALL the scutters away?" he said to himself.
</end snip>
Shakespeare was quickly getting used to the gun. He pressed a button
and the two wires from the taser quickly retracted into the barrel,
ready to be fired again.
Mk10 slipped out of Jay's grasp and bounded straight towards
Shakespeare, realising he was now a greater threat. Seymour gasped at
the anger in the small robot's flashing eye, and the speed at which
he was charging towards them at.
"Shoot now dammit!" Seymour shouted, almost ready to grab the taser
off Shakespeare if he missed again.
Jay ran after Mk10, knowing that he had to keep the robot still. He
dived, the feet of the EVE pushing off from the dirty blue hull of
the Blue Dwarf. He sailed through the air and managed to rugby-tackle
the robot in zero gravity. The magnetic attraction of the EVE's feet
brought them crashing back to the hull.
"Now!" Jay commanded.
Shakespeare closed one eye, put his tongue to one side of his mouth
and fired. The two wires flew out of the taser at high speed and
connected to Mk10's shiny metal hull. He started to shake, all the
robotic hydraulics in his mechanical body contracted. If Mk10 had
been a cartoon character, he would have flashed black and white and
his skeleton would have shown through his body.
The electric current now flowing through him caused his processor to
write a long string of one's to his hard drive. Then a long string of
Next to Shakespeare, Rosette checked the PDA attached to the
taser. "It's working" She said. "I'll upload the file now."
The current flowing to Mk10 alternated rapidly, physically forcing
his processor to write the correct sequence of zero's and one's to
his hard drive, building up the file "aussiecool.bat".
When it had finished, the taser's magnetic barbs dropped off, and
Mk10 went limp. His full system underwent a hard reset.
Unfortunately, the EVE had been subjected to the same sequence of
electronic pulses, and it had screwed up it's onboard computer. The
polarity of the magnetic feet reversed, pushing Jay and Mk10 away
from the hull.
Seymour ran towards them to try catch them, but he wasn't athletic
enough, as they both sailed out into open space. Jay still clutching
the deactivated Mk10.
Spiralling away together, Mk10 now opened up his eyes. The first
thing he saw was Jay. "Hey mate." He said in the chilled out manner
he had normally been known for before his malfunction. "Why are we
floating out into space towards that COMET!!!"
Jay looked around. An ice comet the size of a bungalow was sailing
through the system, and they were heading straight into its path. "Oh
crap." He said, jabbing the controls of the EVE to no avail.
Meanwhile back on the hull of the Blue Dwarf, Shakespeare was
extremely pleased with himself. "I prevailed! I ams't now thine
technology king!" he said proudly.
Rosette however was worried about jay spiralling out into
space. "Shouldn't we help them?" she said.
"Oh they'll be fine." Said Seymour selfishly.
Several seconds later, a voice came through their spacesuit radio. It
was a shipwide message from the Captain.
"Howdy y'all. We've got a mass load of them darned little robot
critters heading straight fer th' fusion reactor, if they blow it up
we'll all be blown to smithereens!"
Seymour turned to Rosette. "I thought turning Mk10 back to normal
would stop them from following his orders?"
Rosette shrugged. "I guess he must have told them that this order was
definite, and not to listen to anyone else?"
Seymour hung his head. "Then what do you suggest we do, get to the
fusion reactor and ward them off with a broom?"
"It's the best option I've heard so far." Said Rosette.
Seymour sighed and walked briskly towards the airlock.
"I didn't dress up in this ridiculous spacesuit today and miss my
weekly wine club meeting to get blown up!" he said.
< Tag anyone! We need to somehow stop those robots from getting to
the reactor, what's their plan? What's our plan? And how will mk10
and Jay get back to the BD? >

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