**Actionette** Core Trouble

Who: Rosette, Shakespeare, Seymour & Rufus.
Where: Outside the ship
When: Just after Mk.10 got restored
"Uhh, guys.. I need a little help here" Rufus called, holding his
hand over a gaping tear in his suit. Rosette jumped to his side, and
using the lack of gravity, carried him with one hand (making it look
like she was super strong) back to the airlock, as any movement on
his own part would've ruptured the suit more.
"Have you got any ideas to stop the skutters?" she asked as they
bounded across the hull.
"Uhh... Not really the time for me to be thinking of a way to save
the ship, i'm more concerned with my own safety..." he replied
truthfully. Seymour looked up to Jay and Mk.10.
"Are you guys ok?" he asked, watching them gliding through space
towards the comet, with included effects of a trail of ice behind it.
"Could be better!" called Jay, still frantically trying to restart
the E.V.E. Mk.10 looked around, "is that... a comet?" he asked, only
just spotting it due to Jays suit being in the way. Instantly, he
began saving himself, and activated his retro boosters.
Unfortunately for Jay, they were in front of him...
"Oww, thats a little hot!" he called, feeling his suit warming up
incredibly fast as the jets of flame from Mk.10's boosters kicked
in. Mk.10 turned them off, and let Jay do it, managing to manually
vent air from the tanks in his suit, propelling them towards the
Rosette almost threw Rufus in, and closed the door, giving him a
chance to get inside, before opening it again ready for the others,
Jay and Mk.10 turned slightly as the ship drifted a bit, putting them
off course. Rosette saw this, and swore under her breath before
taking the taser from Shakespeares hands, retracting the cables, and
firing at Mk.10 again.
"I won't zap you, don't worry!" she said over the radio as the small
magnets attached themselves to him. She used the magnets on her own
suit to keep herself attached to the ship, while pressing the button
to retract the taser chords, thus pulling them in.
Mk.10 stood sheepishly in the centre of the room.
"Sorry isn't quite good enough, is it?" he asked, mainly to Jay. "I
didn't mean to threaten them... I'll make it up to you, i swear"
A few seconds later, everyone was safely inside the ship, doffing
their suits hastily, ready to save the ship from the skutters. Just
as they finished, Rufus smiled, as if a giant bulb above his head
blinked on.
"I know how we can stop them!" he shouted, leaping into the air
almost excitedly, getting the feeling that he's about to save the day.
Everyone turned to face him, with a quizical look on their faces...
"so?... what is it?" jay asked, as Rufus didn't say anything.
"Well... the core is a huge ball of energy right?" he began,
explaining it piece by piece.
"Well... whenever we activate the wormhole drive, it needs a
tremendous amount of energy... that ball that powers the ship gets
bigger to create that energy.... if we wait till the skutters get
into the core, then fire the wormhole drive... we'll get rid of them
all before they can do anything!" he said, smiling smugly.
"Sounds a bit... simple..." Seymour said, "I like it!"
**Previously, elsewhere**
"Smeg. Smeg. Smeg. Smeg." callum chanted, sat on the floor in the
middle of the Holly control room with 4 armed skutters facing him
with guns. "What did i ever do to you?... smegging jonesy"
Just as they were about to fire, MK10's orders came through. They
all dropped their guns, and ran towards the core. Callum got up
quickly, and ran to Holly.
"where are they going?" he asked.
"To the core, looks like... I've heard the plans of the others,
they'll need the wormhole drive..." he said, being helpful for once.
"Ahh... ok." callum said, turning around, spanner in hand, with a
mission in mind.
<tag people!! we need that wormhole drive working, and to get to the
drive room and get that drive going as they all get into the reactor

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