New Plans (Partial Backpost)

Who: Keto, Dante
Where: Security
When: Just after Shakespeare fell down to Seymour, Rufus and Rosette
(before Mk10 was fixed)
"Go ahead Dante."
"NSD can you get a fix on Charlie's positon"
"Charlie Keto or your Charlie?" Came the Nameless Science Dude's
"Why would I want to get in touch with that old git?"
"Well your charlie is not responding to postional indicators and Keto
is right behind you!"
"Ahhh hello sir!"
Keto was not in a particularly merry mood, having just clambered down
several hundred metres of service ducts. The only slightly bright
side to this was that he appeared to have lost Shakespeare, Wildflower
and the rest of the incompetant medical staff, and had emerged in
security, slightly dusty but otherwise none the worse for wear.
Not, of course, that he was going to let this cheer him up.
"What!?" he snapped, whirling round and finding himself face to
collarbone with Dante. He took and half step back and reassessed the
"I remember you," he murmured thoughtfully, "I seem to recall you
"It's a long story," said Dante, "What happened was..."
"Anyway, no time," interrupted Keto, "You're with Security?"
"Yes," nodded Dante. Presumably he still was - a lot might have
changed since he'd been gone, though.
"Good. We've got a bit of a problem. It seems all the machines on
this floating tin can have gone crazy and are trying to kill people,
under the command of a skutter called Mk.10. I, an unarmed civilian,
am not really best equipped to fend off said crazy machines. Do I
make myself clear?"
Dante just stared at him, raising one eyebrow. Keto carried on,
mildly disconcerted at the lack of reaction. On the other hand, this
Security brute was far larger and physically more imposing than
himself. Also, he'd been off the ship for a long while. No doubt the
ingrained fear of the Chief Medical Officer had faded over time.
Yes. That had to be it.
"Right. Anyway," continued Keto, "Follow me, and let's go kill
"Did I say Shakespeare? I meant the skutter, Mk.10. All we have to
"Well... whenever we activate the wormhole drive, it needs a
tremendous amount of energy... that ball that powers the ship gets
bigger to create that energy.... if we wait till the skutters get
into the core, then fire the wormhole drive... we'll get rid of them
all before they can do anything!" he said, smiling smugly.
"Sounds a bit... simple..." Seymour said, "I like it!"
Suddenly there was a crackle from the emergency broadcast system on
the main security desk, interrupting Keto. Dante and Keto both turned
to stare at it as Seymour Niples' voice echoed out somewhat hesitantly.
"Is this thing on? Hello? Hell...don't shove me, I'm the ambassador,
I'll do the announcing, thank you! Of course I know how to use it,
it's just...been a long time since we did this emergency broadcast
thing. Hello? Er, this is Seymour Niples, ambassador to Her Maje...I
AM getting on with it! Leave me alone! Attention, crew of the
Jupiter Mining Corporation Vessel Blue Dwarf! We have a minor, very
slight, problem. Really, it's probably nothing to worry about, but
really we should let you all know..."
There was a yelp from the emergency broadcast system, and then Jay's
voice sounded, a lot more business-like.
"The skutters are going to try to blow up the ship. Everybody, we
need to get the wormhole drive working and active NOW in order to stop
them. We need people fixing the drive and people holding back as many
skutters as they can! Quickly!"
There was a voice in the background that petulantly said, "Why did you
do that, that was MY jo-" and then the emergency broadcast cut out.
Keto and Dante looked at each other.
"Okay," Keto said slowly, "New plan. We head for the drive room. I'm
no engineer, and you're in security. I doubt either of us is highly
qualified in matters of hyperspacial wormhole mathematics. We get to
the drive room and we meet up with the others there. Any skutters we
see along the way, we shoot."
"We?" asked Dante. Keto sighed.
"YOU shoot," he corrected himself, "I'm not such a great shot with
this whole lot of no-weapons-at-all that I'm carrying. Let's go!"
With that, he turned away.
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