Making Up

Who: People
Where: Inside the 'Dwarf
When: During Seymour's broadcast
Mk.10 sat resting up against a wall, dejected. He'd single-handedly
caused the deaths of about a quarter of the ship's contingent; nobody
needs that on their mind. He looked up and chuckled at Seymour being
smacked away from the microphone by Jay, before returning to his
"Damn it. It's not like me to get depressed. Angry, yes, but not
depressed. I'd willingly take out anyone threatening the how
could I..."
He stood up and angrily punched a wall.
Rosette and Rufus both came to sit down next to the droid.
"You ok, buddy?" asked Rufus
"Not really. Dunno what to do with myself, to be honest."
"Well, it's not your fault. Just gotta keep going." said Rosette,
trying to cheer him up.
Seymour turned, sneering slightly.
"Peculiar for someone like yourself to show any sort of insight."
"Look, everyone" said Mk.10, turning to face the group, "I can't begin
to say how bad I feel about this, but you're all like family to me,
and I would never intentionally hurt any of you. So for what it's
worth, I'm sorry."
For a few moments, there was an awkward silence.
"Oh well, C'est La Vie...Shall we go now?"
"Yeah" hurriedly echoed amongst the group.
OOC: BLEAUGH. That was the most sappy thing I have ever written. Ah
well, at any rate, Mk.10's not feeling too happy about
having...y'know...killed hundreds of people.
But, you gotta keep moving.

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